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Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh la la

An unexpected business trip with hubby. We set off at around 6.00pm Wednesday evening heading South.

We drove through Belgium, Luxemburg and then onto France where we spent the night in the truck. We warmed up the pasta on our camp stove that I'd made earlier back home and enjoyed a can of beer each before climbing into our bunks for a good night sleep.

Okay so trucks are not really that comfortable unless you're totally whacked, and I must admit I didn't sleep that well. It didn't help matters that we'd parked right next to another truck with a cooling system.. and every half hour the damn thing would start up.. making me jump outta my skin arghh..

Anyway, the next morning we set off at around 6.45am for the last leg of our journey. We arrived at our destination at 8.00am, a furniture store called 'Leen Bakker' to unload. We had coffee there with the employees, and tried our best to speak French (bad mistake lol) before heading off home again.

All in all the trip was good, beautiful sunny weather and blue skies. We watched the sun set and the sun rise together.. we talked and talked about anything and everything. (I so love doing that)

The only 'hiccup' we had was when a seagull decided to dive head-on into the front of the truck 'THUD' poor thing.. I didn't look back, I hate things like that. Hubby said the bird flew off looking a tad dazed but I reckon he said that to make me feel better lol. He's probably gone to seagull heaven :)

So, there's my excuse for missing the 'Thursday 13' though I wasn't too disappointed cos I took some really great shots for Saturdays Scavenger Hunt. This weeks theme is 'Round'

If you'd like to join in, visit the links :)

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