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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mr Hunger Pangs

It's Tuesday again, like where do the days go?

I picked up my mom and we headed off to our local town for our weekly shop. Of course we simply can't go shopping on an empty stomach, right?

So before we hit the groceries we fueled up at Kandinsky - our favourite place to eat. Mom had Italian meat with melted cheese laid on Ciabatta bread, and I had a 'Boeren (Farmers) Omelette' with a side salad. Oh and yummy it was too. It did totally nothing for my diet whatsoever, which meant I didn't eat a lot for the rest of the day except for pitta bread filled with salad for dinner.

Then it was off to find a collar for an oversized dog neck. Strange it might sound but it's true. We couldn't find a dog harness big enough for him.. so anyway we finally chose a red nylon collar, actually it's really sweet and it should fit him a treat. I know I'm lacking photographs here and that's one thing I HAVE to do in future, take my camera with me!

Well anyway you get the picture, right? (pardon the pun)

I learnt something last night about dieting btw. Jim was away in France and whenever he's not home I can't get off to sleep so easily, so I ended up watching Oprah Winfrey until stupid o' clock. She had some Doctor there too and they were assesing why some people find it hard to lose weight. This is how they explained it.

Exercising alone will NOT help you to lose weight. Only a combination of exercise and a healthy lifestyle will. They said that you have to resist temptation to snack after your evening meal. When those hunger pangs rise, DO NOT give in to them. Think of it like a battle going on inside your stomach. There are 2 guys, 'Hunger Pang' and 'Healthy Lifestye' One is trying to succeed in opening that cupboard door taking out a bit of what you fancy and feeding your hunger urge and the other is saying 'NO, do not give in, sit tight and it'll pass.

Now I know only too well 'Hunger Pang' will usually win, leaving 'Healthy Lifestyle' feeling deflated and angry. But do you realise that when your stomach begins to rumble, it's a sign that your body is about to give in and actually start to lose weight? The worst thing you can do is go to the cupboard and snack! you're just feeding 'Hunger Pang' and you will NOT lose weight. All that effort you went to earlier in the day to walk or jog those 5 or 10km have just gone down the plughole. Now it's back to square one.

So tonight, the cupboard door stayed firmly shut and 'Hunger Pang' was finally defeated!


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