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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's just not fair..

This week is going incredibly slow. Perhaps it's because yesterday (Monday) was a free day. Now usually on a Monday I do housework, Tuesday I go shopping and Wednesday I don't do a fat lot. But because of Easter my routine has changed and I feel extremely disgruntled. I suppose that puts me into the category of people that don't like change.

The kids are off school. I can hear their shrieks of laughter out the back playing on the park kicking footballs around. I see cars parked outside that are not usually there. The cycle tracks are packed with roller skaters, cyclists, and Nordic walkers. Usually I have that track to myself, perhaps the odd rambler might share it with me but that's about it.

The shops are packed with shoppers grabbing the after Easter bargain eggs, and the boutiques are filled with skimply clad teenagers trying on the latest fashions.

I want it to go back to normal when I wake up and all I can hear are the birds singing, and the distant neigh from the farmers horses.

I'm not very into Easter these days. I can't devour a whole super sized chocolate egg like I used to without feeling guilty. I hate diets even more... grrrrr

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