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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


As you know I'm switching to Wordpress, but yesterday I came across a problem. When I went to 'import' my posts and comments from blogger, it said I needed to enable the CURL extension. Uh oh! Luckily hubby came back from Germany today and it took him just a few mins to fix it for me, bless him.

I imported all my stuff, and it was really quite a pleasant experience. I was dubious about clicking that 'import' button lol but everything worked perfectly! Okay so it needs tweaking just a tad, like I need to add some transparent backgrounds to my photographs instead of salmon and I still need to add all my other gumf. Hopefully by the weekend (or before, fingers crossed) I'll be moving permanently.

I'm not going to be importing any further comments to WordPress so I'll just be copying the posts from here to there.. any comments that you make from here on will be lost in blogger space once I move. Don't let that stop you from commenting though, I'm still reading! lol

Now while you're here, I'd like you to look over to the left in my side-bar and meet my New Tenant BattleRocker at The Battle Rock Spot and if you can spare a few minutes please pop over and say hi. A landlord has to do what a landlord has to do, right? so anyone that decides to reside here for a while will be looked after like a tenant should be :)

Now I'm off to tinker with WordPress again..

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