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Friday, April 14, 2006


Okay do NOT read this in between the BOLD if you're squeamish.


Some of you will remember we rescued some goldfish from our pond last year. Anyhow one of the goldfish has developed a growth on its head. It's getting larger by the day, it used to be a whitish colour, but now it's turned a creamy white with red thread veins running through it, and it looks like a cauliflower full of puss. I tried to take photographs, but they didn't turn out very good at all..

I know I should feel sorry for it and I really AM an animal lover, but it's turning my stomach every time I look at it, to the point where I can't look into the fish-tank anymore. I've looked on the net for answers and I've gathered it's a tumour of sorts, perhaps even cancerous.

Now what do I do with it.. or even more so, what would YOU do?


Okay you can start reading again now.

I just have to post this on my blog, I came across it yesterday while surfing on BlogExplosion and it's really hilarious.. so if you don't mind seeing naked boobies, click the link below and fill in some details lol
Shock Absorber

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