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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today I haven't stepped foot outside the house, is that bad or what?

This morning was cold and wet, so decided to stay in and tend to my new blog over at WordPress. The good news is it's almost done, so hopefully by Saturday everything will be in place. The bad news is I had a few problems with the coding from my imported blogger posts. Yeah, I know I said everything went smoothly and I thought it did, until I checked over it again today. For some reason there were like 4 photos imported per post and lots of unwanted divs and tags. I had my first bash at PHP too and it's not as bad as it looks. Hubby always tells me "Don't be afraid of PHP, it's easier than you think" and I've always thought "Yeah right!" lol

I've also been battling at BOTB (battle of the blogs) just waiting now to see if I've won. Thanks to those that voted for me, I've seen quite a few people on my travels today, and come across some great blogs!

I'll be doing the Thursday Thirteen tomorrow on THIS blog, but Saturdays Scavenger Hunt will be on my new blog, so TNChick I'll be asking you to change my link soon pwetty pwease :)

Edit - I won my battle! yeehaw

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