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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Tournament

The first round didn't go too well. David lost his first match, but went on to win the next 2. Hubby won one of his, but he's not really a darts player -- he'd only gone to play for a bit of fun. Mind you, when he had to throw double 13 to get out, his dart hit exactly the right spot. Yeehaw!

Then it was time for the experts to show us how it's done. First came Daryl Fitton, and yes they played "One Step Beyond". For a minute or two it felt like we were about to watch a match at 'Lakeside'. After Daryl came Gary Robson and then Gary Anderson.. plus another few.

But, argh! 8 hours later and we were still there. The guys still had another couple of rounds to go, and it was already creeping towards midnight. My mom who was with us wanted to go home, so I took her. Then I went back to see how things were going. A lot of the players had given up and left, I suppose they didn't expect it to take this long!

My brother felt ill, okay so it was kinda self inflicted. He'd had a few beers and hardly eaten anything during the day, apart from 2 boiled eggs. It didn't help that he'd mixed his beers too. He wasn't pissed or anything, he just felt so ill. So anyway after another half hour or so, they decided enough was enough and we went home.

My brother David, on the left of the photo, was sick 3 times ughhh, thank gawd we'd got him out of the car before he barfed LOL. He says he'll never drink again..

I guess we'll see eh!

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