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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Change your lifestyle

It's not about dieting, it's not about living on cabbage soup for a week. It's not about totally laying off cream cakes, biscuits, or crisps. It's about changing your lifestyle.

Meaning - more exercise, less fatty foods, smaller portions, drinking water, eating slower, and at regular intervals.

Oh yes I've been there done that with the cabbage soup diet, I've done the banana diet and all the other diet fads out there. What I'm come to realise is I NEED MORE EXERCISE.

I have to admit I'm a couch potato. Isn't that an awful thing to admit? It's true though. I seriously lack motivation. I'm fine once I'm out there doing it, it's just getting there. So that's it, I HAVE to motivate myself, or at this rate I'll have a heart attack. There's only so long one can sit at home scoffing crisps and biscuits all day sitting at the computer longing for the next snack attack. Oh no, that has to stop. I also know that only I can do that, only I can change how I live my life.

So it started on Monday (why do we always start on a Monday btw?) - Monday I cycled 12 km, and Tuesday I cycled on my 'indoor' exercise bike for 8km. I bought myself some new trainers and some jogging pants and today I walked 8km. Now that's what I call MOTIVATION.

Now it's how long I can keep it up for LOL

How do you motivate yourself, and what do you do for excercise? (apart from sex) lol

Update from last post - I didn't sell my sunbed boohoo! Oh well I have another 2 months to sell it!

See ya :)

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