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Friday, February 10, 2006

Yeah uhmm it's like this..

Blogging lately is more demanding than pulling out the ironing board and ironing a Mount Everest pile of laundry. I just don't have time.. Okay well I do but, the time that I DO have free is taken up doing things that I should have done when I wasn't so busy. The fact is, blogging isn't one of them.

So I'll blog when I feel the need, dare I say when I've got nothing better to do? That sounds awful doesn't it?

Anyway while I'm here I'll share some of my busy life with you. I just hope I've got some blogging buddies left that haven't given up on me LOL

Okay so we're house hunting, and perhaps it'll be a 4 bedroomed semi (corner position) with garage. I'll let you know how that developes. Right now we have to wait until next Thursday to see if we have it, or not as the case may be.

Oh and we bought another car/people mover to replace the Peugeot that went to Peugeot heaven. A Renault Espace, 7 seater.. would be nice to get the house with the garage now so at least we have somewhere to put it to bed at night.

Yeah I guess you're thinking I have like a hundred kids, to want a 4 bedroomed house and a 7 seater Espace huh.. WRONG. We don't have kids, there's just the two of us.. and we just like.. big things I guess. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, a bit of extra news. I've been promoted to Supervisor at my job. I'm not used to working such long hours, but I love my work. I suppose that's half of the reason I don't blog much. If I'm not doing my job, I'm still there reading stuff, writing stuff and talking to people on my computer.. yeah I love it.

I'm on my rounds visiting your blogs, and I WILL get round you all eventually. I promise.

Bye bye

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