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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gordon Bennett!

I've almost forgotton how to blog lol. I've been so busy with work lately and family stuff, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I know I've been tagged too somewhere so I'm going to do that next.

Gawd, I am such a dork at times too. I forgot I had my 'moderate comments' feature switched on, and that was because some jerk decided to leave a yucky remark. Why do they do that? So anyway - there I am thinking charming eh, no comments! Then it dawned on me and arghhh I had umm quite a few waiting to be published tehehe

I'll be visiting all of you soon to catch up. This will take some time to get through but I'll get there. Do you ever get that feeling when you open a blog, and hope and pray there's only one or two posts? or better still none at all! because then you don't feel so bad that you haven't blogged in a while lol

Okay I'm going to do some ironing, it's resembling Mount Everest right now and getting larger by the day. I swear my mom always told me if I closed my eyes real tight and wished enough, the magic ironing fairy would appear.. hmmmm

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

StudioTraffic Update

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Yes, it's that time again. It's time to try and get you people to see the light. It's okay if you don't want to, it's not like I'm twisting your arm or anything but just think for a moment what you're missing out on. I know how corney this sounds, it's like those emails you get that you never read, and then wonder.. but what if it really DOES work!

Oh it took me a while to join, after the constant nagging from my mom trying her best to convince me lol, and oh boy I think back to last year and I wish now I'd joined back then, but well better late than never huh.

So I joined this program a few months ago and I'm already reeling in more than $900 cash every month just for watching a few websites each day. I've also landed a job in this company, and yeah it's salaried, so I not only get my $900 but I also get my salary (and no I'm not gonna tell you how much that is) lol. Our life has just changed so much, we're now getting a double salary each month and we can afford the luxuries in life. We're saving like mad right now cause we want to buy another car since Dr TJ has gone to Peugeot heaven. I reckon in say 3 months we can do it.

So wanna join me and earn some easy cash ? You even get $10 free when you sign up and there's no need to EVER spend a penny of your own money! What have you got to lose?

Some of my friends signed up and they're like, "ohh I didn't watch the sites today cause I didn't have time", and I'm like "HUH are you nuts!" It's so simple, all you have to do it log-in and surf! Some of you do that right now, when you surf BlogExposion or BlogAdvance and do you get paid for it? Nahhh of course you don't. So what's stopping you joining StudioTraffic and being paid $$$$$$ for doing virtually the same thing?

They just brought out a new Debit Card too, and that's how I'm withdrawing my money now. It's quick and easy, a trip to the ATM and whey hey there's your cash.

New Debit Card Example

I guess some of you are thinking yeah right, so where's the proof.. well I did say I'd post it when I got it, and here is just one of my payouts. This one is 29th Dec 2005. The 797 euros converted to dollars is about $964.

Click to Enlarge

So I'm asking you once again to join me so YOU can have the opportunity to earn some money in your spare time just by watching websites each day :)

Sign up here!

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