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Saturday, December 03, 2005

News that touched me...

Two news items really touched me this week so I'm going to dedicate this post to them both. Some of you may not agree with what I have to say so for those that don't, please walk away, rather than make uneccessary comments. It's my blog and I'm writing about what I believe in.. you don't have to agree with it, okay?

Racially Motivated: The first one is about young Anthony Walker. A young black man aged just 18 years old who was left for dead with an axe embedded in his skull in an unprovoked attack. The killers fled to Amsterdam before giving themselves up and returning to the UK to face murder charges.

I watched the Anthony Walker story last night on TV and it really upset me. That poor poor family that have to live knowing their son was killed because of the colour of his skin. It REALLY sickens me! Ughh Those animals that were responsible should be hung, drawn and slaughtered, Bastids!

I smothered my own son: A father ended his sons life because he couldn't stand to see him suffering any longer. Jacob, who was 10 years old had Hunter syndrome and although the disease would have ended his life naturally, he wasn't at deaths door.

Once again I watched the coverage on TV and was touched by what I heard. That night, Jacobs father went into his room, looked into his sons eyes and said "have you had enough, son?" then smothered him before saying "you're now at peace"

Well I can understand why the father did it and my heart goes out to him, and I know some of you would never understand that.. and I'm not asking you to. But unless you've been in that situation, unless you've taken care of your own mentally and physically disabled child, you CAN NOT understand. You can't even begin to imagine how it feels to watch your own child deteriorate and see that pain and suffering in your childs eyes day after day...

So there you have it, my blog for today.

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