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Saturday, December 17, 2005


"Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility"

ASIMO - The most advanced humanoid robot ever created. I REALLY need one of these for Christmas. Equipped with 26 motors and can fetch and carry, bring your tea, push a trolley and recognise faces. What more can you ask for. C'mon isn't that why we married our hubbies? lol

ASIMO - was created to be a helper to people in need. ASIMO's people-friendly size of 4 feet tall (120 centimeters) makes it the perfect size for helping around the house, especially for a person confined to a bed or a wheelchair. ASIMO's size also allows it to look directly at an adult sitting in a chair or sitting up in bed.

The new model for 2005 has advanced sensing, a hip joint, and can run! He can shake a person's hand when a handshake is offered, look at the face of the person speaking, and respond, greet visitors, informing personnel of the visitor's arrival by transmitting messages and pictures of the visitor's face.

I have some great links for you if you want to see ASIMO in action. Now you really have to add him to your Christmas wish list.

ASIMO link 1
ASIMO link 2

Renting ASIMO would set you back $162,000 per year (only available for rent in Japan) sooo if you can't afford that right now lol and you still want more, you can download and have ASIMO as your very own DESKTOP PET
Yeehaw :-)

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