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Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome Santa

Oh my! it's been 10 days since I updated my blog. So I suppose you're wondering what's going on in Mandy's world.

First of all, I've had a job promotion. I'm now OIC (operator in charge) so my brain is under extra pressure. I LOVE what I do though because I enjoy problem solving and logical thinking. So that's the main reason I haven't been around that much. My notes are piling up so I'm trying to get them into some kind of order.

Apart from that, last Saturday we went to the village of Oud-Heusden in The Netherlands where my mom lives, to see Santa arrive, other-wise known as "Sinta Klaus". He looks a bit different to the usual Santa, don't you think? He wears a tall hat unlike our Santa and carries a sort of shepherds stick. But, nevertheless he is STILL Santa, and that's all that matters :)

The story is, there's a key hidden at the bottom of the harbour that has to be found before Santa arrives on his boat from Spain. He disembarks and mounts a white horse that carries him through the streets waving to the people of Holland.

Now, in Holland the kids have TWO Christmas's. They have their presents on the 5th December, just as we would on the 25th December, and then on Christmas day (25th December) they celebrate it again! How I wish I was a kid in Holland lol!

Waiting for Santa to arrive in Oud-Heusden's harbour.

Santa arrives and the kids go crazy!

Riding his white horse through the narrow streets of Oud-Heusden.

Santas' helpers. Otherwise known as "Zwarte Pieten"

A close-up of a Zwarte Piet

On a last note, thank you to all of you that have left comments on my previous blog, I will be visiting each of you very soon :)

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