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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Talk about Snow!

Don't you just love the snow? That familiar soft crunching custard powder sound under your feet when you take those first steps out into the garden that's been untouched after last nights snowfall?

Snow is great under the right circumstances, sledging and snowboarding or perhaps the odd snowball fight with your spouse, but NOT when your car decides to give up when you're 10 km from home!

So I guess we've found her sensitive spot. It must be female, and we reckon on that because she doesn't like to be out in the sludge and wet. She doesn't like the cold piercing wind that seeps through the crack of her bonnet chilling her precious engine. Oh yes, we've found her weak spot alright, It's freakin SNOW!

Clunk, click and then that final CLUNK! It would have cost us an arm and a leg to have her fixed so our Peugeot 605 has gone to Peugeot heaven. She finally gave up the fight for life this afternoon after 3 long years of chauffering us around in style. We decided to let her slip away peacefully. Sad really but well, there's plenty more cars in the garage, right?

Nice way to say goodbye though don't you think? (insert sarcastic look here) leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold snow, shoes wet through from trying to push the old lady into a parking spot so she wouldn't block the road. Thanks a LOT! you good for nothing heap'a junk!

R.I.P - Doctor TJ

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