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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

StudioTraffic update

Some of you remember me saying about how I'm going to post my cheque for you to see from StudioTraffic. Well I've decided to compound this month so there will be no cheque.

However, my mom who's also an active member of StudioTraffic has opted for her money this month, so I'll be posting her cheque instead. She's requested it so as soon as it shows up in her bank, I'll show you people the evidence.

If anyone else wants to be involved in StudioTraffic here's the link. I'll be emailing those 15 people that have already signed up under me later today for a great opportunity to make even moreeeeeee money and win a few cash prizes that will be paid directly into your account to either a) upgrade your account or b) withdraw for yourself :)

Don't forget if there's anything you don't understand about the program, just email me and I'll help you, ok?
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