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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Calling the cops

I'm curious how many of you have had to call the cops. If you've called them more than once, I'd like you to tell me about just one of those times. If you've never called them, then you're just a walking miracle, but perhaps you know someone close to you that did?

Okay so I wanna know when, why and are you glad you called them ?

Anyway, here's my story... It was going back a few years. An ex (we'll call him shitface) and I hadn't long split up.

I'm with my new guy and we've just returned from a night out. On the way home we decide to call in at the local fish and chip shop.

I park the car and my new guy goes for the food. I'm waiting in the car and I hear all this commotion. I see a gang of guys walking up from the town, obviously on their way home after a night out too. They're drunk to say the least. Shitface is there too and anytime now I'm wishing my new guy would hurry the hell up and we can go.

Shitface spots the car, he walks over. My new guy has just managaed to get into the car when shitface tries to grab him through the open window shouting all sorts of abuse. He smashes the car window and we manage to drive off at high speed. Shitface follows on foot.

It's not that far from my house and we park the car. I run in and dial the cops, just as shitface shows up. My new guy and shitface are circling the car. Shitface is still shouting abuse at my new guy. Cops show up and ask me to identify the guy that smashed the car window. It's pretty easy, it's the one with blood on his fist, so anyway they arrest shitface and take him to the cells.


That wasn't the only time I called the cops, and now I've set a trend, i'll tell you about the other time in my next blog, so stay tuned.

Okay, now it's your turn.. lol
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