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Sunday, November 20, 2005

8 goldfish and 7 frogs later...

Saturday we woke early and decided to chop all the tree's down in the back garden. You see, we have a new fence arriving soon and even though the guys will take the tree's away, it was up to us to take them down.

So armed with chain saw and hand saws, out we went. There were about 8 tree's, some slightly built whilst others had trunks the size of Arnold Schwarzeneggers neck. Anyway, after a hard days slogging 6 trees came down, roots and all.

We were left in a dilemma, we have a pond at the bottom of the garden and the roots of the last two trees go right under it. After thinkng for all of 10 seconds, we decided to get rid of the pond.

But we had a slight problem. 2 years ago we bought 10 goldfish and since then, we'd only seen a gold coloured head pop out from the murky waters every few weeks. Soo armed with buckets we bailed the water out and hubby made a make-shift irrigation system. A few hours later we were able to haul out the fish. Well all I can say is OMG they were huge compared to the last time we saw them! I can't believe they even survived, but there they were. Okay so there were only 8, the storks had paid us a visit and taken a free lunch. In addition to the fishies, there were 7 frogs.

Both hubby and I are animal lovers, so we packed the frogs in oxygenated bags and took them down to the local pond and set them free.

We put the fish in a bucket and left them in the kitchen while we headed off to the local DIY store and bought an aquarium. So now we're 7 frogs down, but we have an great new living room feature! Okay this is just one of the eight. Have you ever tried asking fishes to keep still while you take a photograph of their aquarium. Geeez the things I do for you readers. 40 shots and this was the best I could get LOL

Now, how did you spend YOUR weekend ?
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