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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New look!

I was getting bored with the old look. Out with the old and in with the new!

So this is my first post on my new look blog and I've no idea what to talk about. As I ramble on, I'm bound to come across something that might make sense, though don't hold your breath.

I know one thing, it's freezing! I can't get warm, and the heating is up high. My hands are like blocks of ice and the tip of my nose resembles Rudolf. Funny thing is, I don't hear other people moaning about it. Perhaps it's because I had to get up this morning at 5.30am to take hubby to work. I don't do mornings. I'm like, do NOT look at me, do NOT talk to me and everything will be just fine. You know about the peugeot story, right? So we only have one car now, and it's only a two seater, and and.. well it's not very user friendly. In fact I'm not very user friendly at 5.30am either!

So here's a picture of our other car, Emma (yeah if you haven't already figured it out it's an MR2)

Emma the MR2

So tell me, do you got a pet name for YOUR car? and is there a reason behind the name? (this should be interesting) :)
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Phuket girl

I'm posting this because the more people that see it the better. Perhaps if you have room in your next blog entry you could post it too, and help this little girl to find her family. Here's hoping..

"This little girl is at the Phuket Hospital in Thailand. She does not remember her own name or anything! She has lost her parents. She must be of Western origin. She was a victim when she got caught in the tidal wave disaster in Phuket, Thailand and nobody knows who she is, so we are hoping if we distribute this email around the world someone will know her. If you know her, contact your local authorities."

Thanks Lisa from 'This could get ugly'
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Talk about Snow!

Don't you just love the snow? That familiar soft crunching custard powder sound under your feet when you take those first steps out into the garden that's been untouched after last nights snowfall?

Snow is great under the right circumstances, sledging and snowboarding or perhaps the odd snowball fight with your spouse, but NOT when your car decides to give up when you're 10 km from home!

So I guess we've found her sensitive spot. It must be female, and we reckon on that because she doesn't like to be out in the sludge and wet. She doesn't like the cold piercing wind that seeps through the crack of her bonnet chilling her precious engine. Oh yes, we've found her weak spot alright, It's freakin SNOW!

Clunk, click and then that final CLUNK! It would have cost us an arm and a leg to have her fixed so our Peugeot 605 has gone to Peugeot heaven. She finally gave up the fight for life this afternoon after 3 long years of chauffering us around in style. We decided to let her slip away peacefully. Sad really but well, there's plenty more cars in the garage, right?

Nice way to say goodbye though don't you think? (insert sarcastic look here) leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold snow, shoes wet through from trying to push the old lady into a parking spot so she wouldn't block the road. Thanks a LOT! you good for nothing heap'a junk!

R.I.P - Doctor TJ

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

8 goldfish and 7 frogs later...

Saturday we woke early and decided to chop all the tree's down in the back garden. You see, we have a new fence arriving soon and even though the guys will take the tree's away, it was up to us to take them down.

So armed with chain saw and hand saws, out we went. There were about 8 tree's, some slightly built whilst others had trunks the size of Arnold Schwarzeneggers neck. Anyway, after a hard days slogging 6 trees came down, roots and all.

We were left in a dilemma, we have a pond at the bottom of the garden and the roots of the last two trees go right under it. After thinkng for all of 10 seconds, we decided to get rid of the pond.

But we had a slight problem. 2 years ago we bought 10 goldfish and since then, we'd only seen a gold coloured head pop out from the murky waters every few weeks. Soo armed with buckets we bailed the water out and hubby made a make-shift irrigation system. A few hours later we were able to haul out the fish. Well all I can say is OMG they were huge compared to the last time we saw them! I can't believe they even survived, but there they were. Okay so there were only 8, the storks had paid us a visit and taken a free lunch. In addition to the fishies, there were 7 frogs.

Both hubby and I are animal lovers, so we packed the frogs in oxygenated bags and took them down to the local pond and set them free.

We put the fish in a bucket and left them in the kitchen while we headed off to the local DIY store and bought an aquarium. So now we're 7 frogs down, but we have an great new living room feature! Okay this is just one of the eight. Have you ever tried asking fishes to keep still while you take a photograph of their aquarium. Geeez the things I do for you readers. 40 shots and this was the best I could get LOL

Now, how did you spend YOUR weekend ?
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome Santa

Oh my! it's been 10 days since I updated my blog. So I suppose you're wondering what's going on in Mandy's world.

First of all, I've had a job promotion. I'm now OIC (operator in charge) so my brain is under extra pressure. I LOVE what I do though because I enjoy problem solving and logical thinking. So that's the main reason I haven't been around that much. My notes are piling up so I'm trying to get them into some kind of order.

Apart from that, last Saturday we went to the village of Oud-Heusden in The Netherlands where my mom lives, to see Santa arrive, other-wise known as "Sinta Klaus". He looks a bit different to the usual Santa, don't you think? He wears a tall hat unlike our Santa and carries a sort of shepherds stick. But, nevertheless he is STILL Santa, and that's all that matters :)

The story is, there's a key hidden at the bottom of the harbour that has to be found before Santa arrives on his boat from Spain. He disembarks and mounts a white horse that carries him through the streets waving to the people of Holland.

Now, in Holland the kids have TWO Christmas's. They have their presents on the 5th December, just as we would on the 25th December, and then on Christmas day (25th December) they celebrate it again! How I wish I was a kid in Holland lol!

Waiting for Santa to arrive in Oud-Heusden's harbour.

Santa arrives and the kids go crazy!

Riding his white horse through the narrow streets of Oud-Heusden.

Santas' helpers. Otherwise known as "Zwarte Pieten"

A close-up of a Zwarte Piet

On a last note, thank you to all of you that have left comments on my previous blog, I will be visiting each of you very soon :)

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Calling the cops

I'm curious how many of you have had to call the cops. If you've called them more than once, I'd like you to tell me about just one of those times. If you've never called them, then you're just a walking miracle, but perhaps you know someone close to you that did?

Okay so I wanna know when, why and are you glad you called them ?

Anyway, here's my story... It was going back a few years. An ex (we'll call him shitface) and I hadn't long split up.

I'm with my new guy and we've just returned from a night out. On the way home we decide to call in at the local fish and chip shop.

I park the car and my new guy goes for the food. I'm waiting in the car and I hear all this commotion. I see a gang of guys walking up from the town, obviously on their way home after a night out too. They're drunk to say the least. Shitface is there too and anytime now I'm wishing my new guy would hurry the hell up and we can go.

Shitface spots the car, he walks over. My new guy has just managaed to get into the car when shitface tries to grab him through the open window shouting all sorts of abuse. He smashes the car window and we manage to drive off at high speed. Shitface follows on foot.

It's not that far from my house and we park the car. I run in and dial the cops, just as shitface shows up. My new guy and shitface are circling the car. Shitface is still shouting abuse at my new guy. Cops show up and ask me to identify the guy that smashed the car window. It's pretty easy, it's the one with blood on his fist, so anyway they arrest shitface and take him to the cells.


That wasn't the only time I called the cops, and now I've set a trend, i'll tell you about the other time in my next blog, so stay tuned.

Okay, now it's your turn.. lol
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So life has been pretty hectic lately. On top of my new job, new kitchen, new bathrooms, house being upside down, trying to keep up with other projects, digging up tree's ready for the new 6ft fence... the painters are coming in yet again tomorrow to paint all the outside doors.

By the time Christmas arrives, I'll be that whacked I'll just flop on the couch and sleep for a week. Okay just thought I'd share that with you, I feel better now.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm having an affair

I know I am sooo bad, but I can't help it. It's the slender body and the nice butt that did it. The power and the size, and believe me - SIZE DOES MATTER!

Meet my affair Engelbert. My brand new 19 inch TFT screen.

I'm in love dammit!

The BenQ T905 is a high-end 19" LCD monitor with SXGA resolution that delivers high contrast, brilliant colour and superior clarity for moving images. With its 250 nits high brightness, 450:1 contrast ratio, and a viewing angle of 140/135, the T905 has a 12ms super fast response time.

Monitor Type LCD Flat Panel
Analog vs Digital Analog/DVI
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 450:1
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024
Product Dimensions 42.2(W) x 40.9(H) x 16.8(D) cm
Product Weight 6.8 kg
Response Time 12 ms
Screen Size 19"
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

StudioTraffic update

Some of you remember me saying about how I'm going to post my cheque for you to see from StudioTraffic. Well I've decided to compound this month so there will be no cheque.

However, my mom who's also an active member of StudioTraffic has opted for her money this month, so I'll be posting her cheque instead. She's requested it so as soon as it shows up in her bank, I'll show you people the evidence.

If anyone else wants to be involved in StudioTraffic here's the link. I'll be emailing those 15 people that have already signed up under me later today for a great opportunity to make even moreeeeeee money and win a few cash prizes that will be paid directly into your account to either a) upgrade your account or b) withdraw for yourself :)

Don't forget if there's anything you don't understand about the program, just email me and I'll help you, ok?
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