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Friday, October 28, 2005

What better time..

It's almost 10.00am and a pile of ironing is sitting before me waiting to be uncreased. It's like it's staring at me, daring me to go off and do something else instead. I stare back at it and growl through gritted teeth. "You'll have to wait till I've updated my blog grrrrrrrrr"

Okay So now that's out of the way I'll continue.

Clocks go back on Saturday, now don't be a banana and forget Like I did once, all through Sunday into Monday and was an hour early for work. That's just being a dork, there's no other explanation. So, before you go to bed Saturday night turn your clocks back one hour! That is, if you're in Europe.. don't be a dork and turn them back if you're in the USA!

So what have I been doing the last few days. Working, building websites and housework, oh and shopping. Can't forget about that now can we? It's retail therapy and all us girls need a bit of that now and again. I'd like to tell you I bought something really nice, something really glamorous, something I'd wanted for ages.. but I'd be lieing and I don't do lies. So anyway, I saw these great boots, and a half-price winter coat, but until next month, we're flat broke. Damnit!!

Right, I'm off to start that ironing, it's calmed down a bit now, and it's looking quite sad. I suppose I should oblige *sigh*

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