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Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Morning Rant

What is it with men and throwing things in the dustbin?

I've just cleared the computer room, and there were like bits of paper everywhere over on hubby's side. I'm talking like TINY bits of scrunched up paper and bits of leftover wire.. even paper that's ripped up so small you just can't rip it anymore, and yet STILL they are strewn over the worktop.

I'm like HELLO there's a bin right behind you, not even 2 foot away! Would it really take that much energy to swing round on your swingable chair and toss it in the dustbin? I mean c'mon, you've got the chair that swivels, the dustbin is 2 foot away.. so what's the problem?

Many (probably more) males believe a womans place is in the kitchen huh, in this case it's in the damn computer room!

Ok, now onto something else. My Photo Album is up the creek without a paddle. It is NO more. It's lost, somewhere in file heaven. All my photographs are gone too, cause stoopid me deleted them after I'd added them to the album. I'm devastated, and I dunno what to do anymore. That album took me ages to make and get just the way I wanted it, and now all that hard work is gone.

Why? well I made a back-up of Mysql before switching everything over to another server and for some reason, though I don't see how, I didn't save the Album.. this actually puzzles me, cause I went through it with a fine-tooth comb making sure I saved all the important stuff, but try as I might.. it's history :(

See, this is the reason why I haven't added my Germany pics, and to be quite honest I don't know when I'll have time to make a whole new album *sigh*

Ok, rant over for today and thanks for all your comments on my previous posts, I'm catching up with my blogroll later today.
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