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Friday, October 14, 2005

I got it!

Yeehaw, I have a new job on LHD (Live Help Desk).

I obviously need to go through some training first and there's such a LOT to learn. I need to get to know the ropes, meet my colleagues, and make sure I'm prepared etc. But then, I'll be working 30 hours a week! I can choose my hours, they're very flexible so I've made myself a rota. Plus, if anything comes up, I can always swap with one of the others. It's so exciting! *does her naked butt dance*

Ok, back to reality for sec. My computer is pissing me off and our server is playing up. It seems to be offline more times than on. We have 4 computers altogether, and the whole lot needs a total revamp. At the moment, everything is upstairs in one smallish spare room, which, I might add, gets rather warm even during the winter. Anyway after reformatting and swapping a few things around, we're going to move the whole lot downstairs into the back spare room. It's more like a large shed/garage (brick built), so we're going to paint, carpet and whey hey a downstairs office. Can't be bad!

Why do things always come at once? It's like this time last month we were worried about cash. This month, I've got the new job, I've also got another home business that's just picking up nicely and hubby is working more hours too. I'm really looking forward to christmas this year, and not having to worry about scrimping and saving, like in years gone by.

You know what, thank GOD for computers and internet!

Ok, I'm off to do some more naked butt dancing, hope you don't mind :-P
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