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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Deja vu

Ok here we are again. I think it was around this time last month I had a job interview, but my perspective employer didn't show up, remember?

Some of you may be aware that I live in The Netherlands, and finding work here for someone who's mother tongue is English, is proving difficult.

Anyway, I have another interview tomorrow evening. This time it's for an online 'Live Helpdesk' position. I'm not even sure of the hours, or as a matter of fact, the salary, OR how long the job will last for. Just think about it though, I get to stay at home and talk to people all day helping them with an online payment process, and basically offer support and assistance to anyone that needs it. I love it, that's right up my street and if I get that I'll be rockin' my bits.

I'm also really interested in the company as a whole, and I totally support what they're doing. I won't go into it tooooo much, I don't wanna tempt fate and be all geared up to be offered the job.. but well, I'll admit I'm secretly optimistic :)

Ok, I have some studying to do, I wanna be prepared for tomorrow.. they don't call me Johnny 5 for nowt'

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