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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Busy Bee

Busy busy weekend. Study and more study, notes and more notes. I'm also trying to finish off banner and website projects. Banners for the BlogAdvance surf rotation, banners for a DJ on Yorin FM, banners for Courtney's prompts, and a website for someone else.

Today I'm going to plug my favourite sites/promotions of the week. Why? cause I wanna, and since you keep coming back to catch a glimpse of me doing my naked butt dance, I thought I'd do you a favour and give you something to read while you wait. If you're really lucky I might do the butt wiggle too... but we'll see.

1) StudioTraffic - It has to be said, I'm so looking forward to christmas this year. This is the place to go if you want to earn some easy money. You just sign up and you're even given $10 to start you off! You DO NOT have to use your own money! Autosurf (so you don't have to click next) every day and watch the money roll in. If you wanna earn more, just upgrade by a few dollars, it's THAT easy.

I know what you're all thinking, cause I thought it too.. but it's true! I'm due a check at the end of this month for around $300, and when I get it I'm gonna post the image right here to show you. I have 5 people so far that have signed after reading my blog, they've taken the plunge and I've had no complaints.

If you wanna know more or have any questions, just email me and I'll help you out. Or if you like, you can visit the site and see for yourself. I'd appreciate it if you'd use the link here, but if you'd rather not that's ok too.

2) BlogLegion is hitting the blogosphere by storm. It's the latest in blogging platforms. Features include mobile blogging, photo albums, podcasting, 25 free templates, co-authors, private message system, 100KB file upload, and lots more... I have a new account there so I'll be moving 'A penny for them' over there as soon as I have time to transfer everything. Oh and I'm on the look out for a nice template (insert hint smiley here)

3) BlogPulp is the latest bloggers trend. In short it's a bloggers magazine, made by bloggers for bloggers. This month there's a new feature, 'Blog of the Month' so if you come across any blog that you think may merit 'Blog of the Month' that's the place to let it be known. Amongst other things, there are articles, help, tips and advice about all aspects of blogging. Why not head over and check it out.

4) BlogAdvance Forum - If you're into writing, either professionally or amateurly, why not head over to the BA forum. Courtney's Prompts is the name of the game and 25 credits are up for grabs. Also on the same forum and if you're into photography, head over to Marie's photography usergroup. Once again 25 credits are up for grabs. There's a photo of the week contest and a weekly theme.

5) StudioRocks - For wannabee artists/groups. Weekly contest, answer 12 musical questions and win a prize. Create a Jingle: Create a 30 second audio ad for one of our Studio Programs and win $100. But best of all, win a minimum $60,000 recording contract as voted on by the members of StudioRocks!

Ok, so I guess you're thinking, HELLO I read that now where's that naked butt dance! Well if you sign up to any of the 2 Studio sites you will get a personalized photograph of the naked butt dance and wiggle. If you sign up for any of the other 4, you'll get a personalized photo of JUST the naked butt dance. Or, if you think you're tooooo shy for any of that, I'll just send a sluuuurp your way or a hug, it's your choice.

Don't forget to email and tell me who you are and what you signed up for, or basically you ain't getting nothing. :-P

Oh and I WILL check so don't try and pull a fast one.

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