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Monday, October 24, 2005

All in the mind.

This is becoming quite a habit. 4 days have passed me by and I haven't updated. Does time fly for you too?

I've been taking a look at my life and I've found some stuff out. Everyone has two sides to their brain. The right and the left. The right is trying to do the right thing, the left is doing what it thinks it should do.

First of all my right-hand side of my brain tries too hard to please people, and what do they do in return? Nothing, in fact they take me for granted, cause they think I'm some sort of easy going, pushover. It's about time I did things for me for a change, things that make me happy, instead of others.

It's about time I spoke up to tell it how it really is instead of backing off and allowing others to take the center stage. But then I think to myself, what if I did that? what is that going to achieve, who will feel better because of it? Probably no-one.

So once again my right-hand side of my brain gets the better of my left and wins the battle. I will do what I think is right, and not what I think I should do.

Okay that's my rant over with. I did that for me, and only me knows what that means. If you're reading this I suggest you take a rewind and pretend you didn't even see this post.

Sometimes it makes you feel so much better to write things down. If you have PMS it's such a relief to rant.
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