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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Burn the candle at both ends

Ever felt so tired you could drop right where you are and sleep for a week?

I felt like that today. The clocks went back one hour last night so we stayed up until 3.00am just because it was a crazy thing to do. Now I'm not really a night howler, I like my bed way too much. If I'm in bed by 11.30pm it's all good. If I go past midnight I find it difficult to fall asleep, and when I do I toss and turn most of the night and I'm awake early. I just can not sleep in, no matter how hard I try.

I think it's something to do with body clock. My body has this little alien inside punishing me for not going to bed before midnight and if I annoy him he ain't a happy bunny.

My eyes are stinging, they're sore too and I have that light headache coming on that I always get when I'm over-tired. I wish I could stay up all hours, but I suppose I have to give in and retire to my warm bed, hot water bottle, teddy bear waiting, and get some ZZZzzzzzzzz's

G'nite all x
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Friday, October 28, 2005

What better time..

It's almost 10.00am and a pile of ironing is sitting before me waiting to be uncreased. It's like it's staring at me, daring me to go off and do something else instead. I stare back at it and growl through gritted teeth. "You'll have to wait till I've updated my blog grrrrrrrrr"

Okay So now that's out of the way I'll continue.

Clocks go back on Saturday, now don't be a banana and forget Like I did once, all through Sunday into Monday and was an hour early for work. That's just being a dork, there's no other explanation. So, before you go to bed Saturday night turn your clocks back one hour! That is, if you're in Europe.. don't be a dork and turn them back if you're in the USA!

So what have I been doing the last few days. Working, building websites and housework, oh and shopping. Can't forget about that now can we? It's retail therapy and all us girls need a bit of that now and again. I'd like to tell you I bought something really nice, something really glamorous, something I'd wanted for ages.. but I'd be lieing and I don't do lies. So anyway, I saw these great boots, and a half-price winter coat, but until next month, we're flat broke. Damnit!!

Right, I'm off to start that ironing, it's calmed down a bit now, and it's looking quite sad. I suppose I should oblige *sigh*

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Monday, October 24, 2005

All in the mind.

This is becoming quite a habit. 4 days have passed me by and I haven't updated. Does time fly for you too?

I've been taking a look at my life and I've found some stuff out. Everyone has two sides to their brain. The right and the left. The right is trying to do the right thing, the left is doing what it thinks it should do.

First of all my right-hand side of my brain tries too hard to please people, and what do they do in return? Nothing, in fact they take me for granted, cause they think I'm some sort of easy going, pushover. It's about time I did things for me for a change, things that make me happy, instead of others.

It's about time I spoke up to tell it how it really is instead of backing off and allowing others to take the center stage. But then I think to myself, what if I did that? what is that going to achieve, who will feel better because of it? Probably no-one.

So once again my right-hand side of my brain gets the better of my left and wins the battle. I will do what I think is right, and not what I think I should do.

Okay that's my rant over with. I did that for me, and only me knows what that means. If you're reading this I suggest you take a rewind and pretend you didn't even see this post.

Sometimes it makes you feel so much better to write things down. If you have PMS it's such a relief to rant.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A bottle of what!

For those that already received my naked wiggly butt picture, I bet you're still drooling over it, right? I didn't send it to everyone yet, so no hints please. The others will just have to wait their turn :-P

Okay, so the last few days have been hectic and I hate leaving my blog for more than 2 days without updating, so I'm way behind cause this is like the 4th day now. A rundown of my daily routine. Chat and get paid for it.. that's it. HAH, I love it. Nah seriously though, I help those people that need help basically, and I'm so polite it's unreal. I mean c'mon, ME polite? I suppose I can be if I have to and I just sit here smiling when they sit there pulling their hair out. At the end of the conversation they're like "Oh thank you for being soo patient, how on earth do you do it?", and I reply with "It's all part of the job, have a nice day". Then when they've gone I'm like MORON! LOL

I'd like to thank those of you that signed up for the StudioTraffic program, you guys are great! and you'll be pleased to know that I'm starting a new blog with advice/help etc etc, so if you have any problems or just want to see what's what, it'll be full of information and news from the program. For the one's that are not yet activated, I'm going to do that right now, so watch your accounts cause you can start surfing in a few minutes :)

Well it's my night off tonight, hubby's is Germany so I'm gonna take a nice hot shower, and curl up with a bottle of... milk (I feel like I should insert the word 'wine' there, but since I don't have any)

Have a nice day/evening/night or whatever it is.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Busy Bee

Busy busy weekend. Study and more study, notes and more notes. I'm also trying to finish off banner and website projects. Banners for the BlogAdvance surf rotation, banners for a DJ on Yorin FM, banners for Courtney's prompts, and a website for someone else.

Today I'm going to plug my favourite sites/promotions of the week. Why? cause I wanna, and since you keep coming back to catch a glimpse of me doing my naked butt dance, I thought I'd do you a favour and give you something to read while you wait. If you're really lucky I might do the butt wiggle too... but we'll see.

1) StudioTraffic - It has to be said, I'm so looking forward to christmas this year. This is the place to go if you want to earn some easy money. You just sign up and you're even given $10 to start you off! You DO NOT have to use your own money! Autosurf (so you don't have to click next) every day and watch the money roll in. If you wanna earn more, just upgrade by a few dollars, it's THAT easy.

I know what you're all thinking, cause I thought it too.. but it's true! I'm due a check at the end of this month for around $300, and when I get it I'm gonna post the image right here to show you. I have 5 people so far that have signed after reading my blog, they've taken the plunge and I've had no complaints.

If you wanna know more or have any questions, just email me and I'll help you out. Or if you like, you can visit the site and see for yourself. I'd appreciate it if you'd use the link here, but if you'd rather not that's ok too.

2) BlogLegion is hitting the blogosphere by storm. It's the latest in blogging platforms. Features include mobile blogging, photo albums, podcasting, 25 free templates, co-authors, private message system, 100KB file upload, and lots more... I have a new account there so I'll be moving 'A penny for them' over there as soon as I have time to transfer everything. Oh and I'm on the look out for a nice template (insert hint smiley here)

3) BlogPulp is the latest bloggers trend. In short it's a bloggers magazine, made by bloggers for bloggers. This month there's a new feature, 'Blog of the Month' so if you come across any blog that you think may merit 'Blog of the Month' that's the place to let it be known. Amongst other things, there are articles, help, tips and advice about all aspects of blogging. Why not head over and check it out.

4) BlogAdvance Forum - If you're into writing, either professionally or amateurly, why not head over to the BA forum. Courtney's Prompts is the name of the game and 25 credits are up for grabs. Also on the same forum and if you're into photography, head over to Marie's photography usergroup. Once again 25 credits are up for grabs. There's a photo of the week contest and a weekly theme.

5) StudioRocks - For wannabee artists/groups. Weekly contest, answer 12 musical questions and win a prize. Create a Jingle: Create a 30 second audio ad for one of our Studio Programs and win $100. But best of all, win a minimum $60,000 recording contract as voted on by the members of StudioRocks!

Ok, so I guess you're thinking, HELLO I read that now where's that naked butt dance! Well if you sign up to any of the 2 Studio sites you will get a personalized photograph of the naked butt dance and wiggle. If you sign up for any of the other 4, you'll get a personalized photo of JUST the naked butt dance. Or, if you think you're tooooo shy for any of that, I'll just send a sluuuurp your way or a hug, it's your choice.

Don't forget to email and tell me who you are and what you signed up for, or basically you ain't getting nothing. :-P

Oh and I WILL check so don't try and pull a fast one.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

I got it!

Yeehaw, I have a new job on LHD (Live Help Desk).

I obviously need to go through some training first and there's such a LOT to learn. I need to get to know the ropes, meet my colleagues, and make sure I'm prepared etc. But then, I'll be working 30 hours a week! I can choose my hours, they're very flexible so I've made myself a rota. Plus, if anything comes up, I can always swap with one of the others. It's so exciting! *does her naked butt dance*

Ok, back to reality for sec. My computer is pissing me off and our server is playing up. It seems to be offline more times than on. We have 4 computers altogether, and the whole lot needs a total revamp. At the moment, everything is upstairs in one smallish spare room, which, I might add, gets rather warm even during the winter. Anyway after reformatting and swapping a few things around, we're going to move the whole lot downstairs into the back spare room. It's more like a large shed/garage (brick built), so we're going to paint, carpet and whey hey a downstairs office. Can't be bad!

Why do things always come at once? It's like this time last month we were worried about cash. This month, I've got the new job, I've also got another home business that's just picking up nicely and hubby is working more hours too. I'm really looking forward to christmas this year, and not having to worry about scrimping and saving, like in years gone by.

You know what, thank GOD for computers and internet!

Ok, I'm off to do some more naked butt dancing, hope you don't mind :-P
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Deja vu

Ok here we are again. I think it was around this time last month I had a job interview, but my perspective employer didn't show up, remember?

Some of you may be aware that I live in The Netherlands, and finding work here for someone who's mother tongue is English, is proving difficult.

Anyway, I have another interview tomorrow evening. This time it's for an online 'Live Helpdesk' position. I'm not even sure of the hours, or as a matter of fact, the salary, OR how long the job will last for. Just think about it though, I get to stay at home and talk to people all day helping them with an online payment process, and basically offer support and assistance to anyone that needs it. I love it, that's right up my street and if I get that I'll be rockin' my bits.

I'm also really interested in the company as a whole, and I totally support what they're doing. I won't go into it tooooo much, I don't wanna tempt fate and be all geared up to be offered the job.. but well, I'll admit I'm secretly optimistic :)

Ok, I have some studying to do, I wanna be prepared for tomorrow.. they don't call me Johnny 5 for nowt'

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Morning Rant

What is it with men and throwing things in the dustbin?

I've just cleared the computer room, and there were like bits of paper everywhere over on hubby's side. I'm talking like TINY bits of scrunched up paper and bits of leftover wire.. even paper that's ripped up so small you just can't rip it anymore, and yet STILL they are strewn over the worktop.

I'm like HELLO there's a bin right behind you, not even 2 foot away! Would it really take that much energy to swing round on your swingable chair and toss it in the dustbin? I mean c'mon, you've got the chair that swivels, the dustbin is 2 foot away.. so what's the problem?

Many (probably more) males believe a womans place is in the kitchen huh, in this case it's in the damn computer room!

Ok, now onto something else. My Photo Album is up the creek without a paddle. It is NO more. It's lost, somewhere in file heaven. All my photographs are gone too, cause stoopid me deleted them after I'd added them to the album. I'm devastated, and I dunno what to do anymore. That album took me ages to make and get just the way I wanted it, and now all that hard work is gone.

Why? well I made a back-up of Mysql before switching everything over to another server and for some reason, though I don't see how, I didn't save the Album.. this actually puzzles me, cause I went through it with a fine-tooth comb making sure I saved all the important stuff, but try as I might.. it's history :(

See, this is the reason why I haven't added my Germany pics, and to be quite honest I don't know when I'll have time to make a whole new album *sigh*

Ok, rant over for today and thanks for all your comments on my previous posts, I'm catching up with my blogroll later today.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The hands of time

I'm back, but chocoblock (hmm I've never had to spell that word before) with work. I didn't know being away for 2 days could make one's life so hectic. I made some card thingo's and wrote down all the things I have to do today and tomorrow. I've probably crossed off 2 from about 10.

I apologise to those that I told I'd be around today for a chat on yahoo, MSN or wherever. I really haven't had time yet, despite 'some' people thinking I'm ignoring them for some reason, (which I'm totally not). Just let me do what I have to do and I'll be back amongst the blogosphere bloggers :)

Tatty Bye (don't mind me, it's a Brit thing)
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Monday, October 03, 2005


Just to let you know, I'll be away from Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening. I'm going to keep hubby company on another trip to Germany, our final destination being Burger Zoo (don't ask). I'd take some of you along but I only have room for my monkey nuts.

See ya when I get back, with photographs!
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Sunday, October 02, 2005


I won, I won yeehaaaaw!

Congratulations to Mandy at A Penny For Them... for bringing in the most Referrals for September. Mandy receives a Deluxe Account valued at $45!

I don't know who signed up with my referral for BlogAdvance, but if you were one of them thank you very much, I owe you a slurp!

Oh and I must be lucky this week, yesterday I received an email from the lottery. I won 3 euro's lol, ok it's not much but two wins this week can't be bad :)
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