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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Friday was the last day, we finally have our house back. They have one more thing to do monday morning, and that's painting the bathroom ceiling. I cooked our first meal in our new kitchen today, of course Jims favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese. It was heaven to sit down again and eat with our own knives and forks, and our own plates, ahhhh. I did some washing too, first time in 3 weeks using our own washer.. god what a luxury lol

Jim was stuck in Belgium last night, apparently he'd arrived late due to the company before him dragging their feet, which meant that the guys in Belgium wouldn't unload his truck until 5 hours later. I waited up until about 2.00am then decided to call him. He told me to go to bed, and that he wouldn't be home till at least 3.30am. He'd been out since 7.30am the previous morning, that's like 20 hours work. He is NOT a happy bunny.

2 blonde things I did today - Duh

1) - Just installed our washing machine, fiddled about with the program settings for about half an hour cause it wouldn't work, then I realised I forgot to turn the water back on. muhahaha
2) - Placed the fridge freezer in a different spot, so switched the doors so that it opened from the right instead of the left. Spent a few minutes trying to figure out why the door wouldn't open anymore, and then it clicked that I'd made the switch. lol

Tell me about 2 blonde thing's you've done over the past week :-)
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