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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wanna make some money?

Ok, this is the first time EVER that I have done anything like this in my entire life. I've read the stuff about 'Get Rich Quick' schemes and I never get past the first few sentences. I always think what BULLSHIT!

BUT, that was until now. I'm going to give you a link so you can see for yourself. Just read through it and then take a look at the forum about people that have already been paid, there's even screenshots of their checks.

All I'm asking is when and IF you should sign up, please use my referral link. After you sign up you can use your own referral link for others. Deal?

Did I mention that it won`t cost a penny? ST gives every new member Free $10! It does take longer to get a good income, but it can be done with no money of your own. You do not have to bring anyone in, just operate your own account, but if you did know someone who would like to be a part of this amazing program, you would receive 10% of any upgrades made by them.

When I first heard about this program I thought the same as what you're probably thinking right now. But then my mom joined and she already earns $300 per month and rising. Every month her earnings go up plus I've seen her payout, so I know it works!

Here's an example of how it works:

You earn - 1% of the money in the account level - say you had $1000 you would earn $10 per day, then each month if you didn`t take any money out, $300 would be added, in a 31 day month $310. All you have to do on a $1000 level is autosurf 70 sites per day to get the 1%. And - On $1000 over a period, you can max the account - it will reach $15000 then you can take out $4500 per month for 12 months. On $1000 it will take approx 8 months if the money is compounded, to reach $15000.

Honestly, I have never seen such a great program in my whole life. I'm pretty new to it, but I'm adding a bit more each month, so I earn quicker.. I so hate waiting lol

Remember, use my referral link pretty please :-)
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