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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sleepy Head

That's me, sleepy head. So I thought the workmen had finished, so I was wrong. They arrived at 7.45am (luckily I was awake and dressed) to change all the locks and fit the ventilator in the attic.

I knew they had to do that, just didn't know it would be today. Oh well, I suppose better now than later. They were here till 4.30pm, and cause the doors were all open, it was dang freezing. Jim calls me a wuss, he says I've got no blood in me, I just smile back at him and grrrr through gritted teeth. He's used to working in -2 degree temperatures and still wears just jeans and a T-shirt, now that's NOT normal, right?

Now for other news.

Midnight last night I was on a mosquito mission. The little blighters were everywhere. If any of you read my old blog you'll know I'm allergic to mozzies. If I'm bitten I swell up real bad, and the bite site itches and burns like hell. I swear though, I'm becoming immune. I've been bitten that many times in the last 4 years they leave me well alone, or if i DO get bitten it's not so bad anymore. So anyway, I got out of bed 5 times in 10 minutes, every time I spotted a mozzie. Ok, you're probably having a vision any time now, of me wearing my jammies, fly swatter in hand running round like a blue arsed fly smacking mozzies around my bedroom.. not a pretty sight huh?

You know what, it's strange how writing seems to flow, when I started this post I thought what the hell am I gonna write about. tehee :)

Oh and just before I go, tomorrow the workmen are returning, to deliver, wait for it.. drumroll.. a remote control for the ventilator, sooo when i'm taking a shower I just press the button to start the fan, and whey hey, Bob's ya uncle! muahahaa
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