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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sad or what

Jim's away in Germany tonight and I'm bored. I've got nothing to post about, other than announcing we got our remote control for the ventilator today. 4 switches, with periods of 10 minutes ranging from slow to super charged. Flick the switch and the ventilator ventilates for 10 mins, flick it twice and it ventilates for 20 mins, and so on..

Anyway, I took a picture of it just cause I'm weird like that. While I was at it, I took a few more of our little housy and what I cooked for my dinner. Enjoy :)

Yup, say hello to Roger the remote.

Part of our living room.

View from the kitchen window, and yeah there's EMMA, my red sports car.

Cooking dinner for one.

The finished omelette.

Now I'm gonna go and watch my soapy.

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