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Monday, September 12, 2005

Poms or Limeys

Does this header offend you?

The word 'POM' refers to an immigrant from Britain.

I was surfing the web this morning and came across an article about nationality nicknames. The use of the word 'Pom' is considered derogatory. Some may use it to cause offence, but it is also used in other situations as a friendly derogatory term among people who know each other well, if one of them is British and the other Australian.

I'm British and personally names like 'POM' don't offend me at all, used in the right context of course. If it's used to incite a response, motivate an action or cause a reaction of hostility then that's a different matter.

Americans are sometimes called 'Yanks' and that's also considered derogatory. Some Americans absolutely hate it. Now because I know it offends 'some' Americans I never use that term out of respect for the American people, but to me 'Yank' is just a nickname, with no meaning behind it other than an American immigrant.

Here are a few nationality nicknames I came across:

Aussie - Australia
Canuck - Canada
Jap - Japan used around World War II
Chink - China or other East Asian descent (offensive)
Kiwi - New Zealand
Kraut - Germany
Hong Kee - Hongkong (Normally used by Singaporeans)
Limey - England (U.S. usage); Pom or Pommy (Australian usage)
Mac or Jock - Scotland
Pinoy - (or Noypi) Filipino
Scouser - Liverpool
Taff - Wales
Ruskies - Russia
Tex - Texas
Wack - Liverpool
Yank or Yankee - United States

I noticed the Chinese (Chink) had 'offensive' next to it. I can't see how that name is offensive either, but then I'm not Chinese so maybe there's some derogatory meaning behind it.

I'd like to ask you the question, "Are you 'really' offended by a nationality nickname, or doesn't it bother you?" and if you know the meaning behind YOUR nationality nickname, please share :)


This day in history - September 12th 1959 -

The first spacecraft 'Luna 2' from earth to land on another planet. A Russian craft crash-lands on the moon.

It's also 'Chocolate Milkshake' day and 'National Pet Memorial' day.
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