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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No Internet!

Arghhh! We've had no internet for 2 days. I'm so behind with everything, it's going to be hard catching up. Being without an internet connection isn't the end of the world, but geeez I've really missed it lol. The things I used to take for granted like emailing, chatting to family, searching for resources, and just generally having a window open to the world wide web were non existent for 72 hours. That's a LONG time (insert pout here).

Luckily Jim's brother, Fred, came to the rescue. Apparently because the electric was off for a few hours due to renovations, the router re-set itself. It's great having our own computer whizz tech guy in the family! Thanks Fred!

Anyway, more news. My brother and his friend decided to fly over for a visit from the UK. They stopped off at Amsterdam for 2 nights before coming down south to us. Amsterdam is an eyeopener even for folk that have 'seen and done' that. They were amazed at the laid-back way of life, the buildings, the general hustle and bustle of the city, and what they witnessed as 'window shoppers' LOL.

We picked them up from Centraal Station in Amsterdam on sunday morning and before leaving, we went for a stroll into the city. We saw a typical Amsterdam bike taxi and I just can't believe that people actually ride in those things. It's weird to see the guys cycling along with passengers, but I guess it saves on gas and there's zero pollution!

Basically, my brother and his friend LOVED Amsterdam! But then, being in their late 20's and male MAY have something to do with it! If you've never been to Amsterdam you really do need to go and take a peek.

I've missed another day of 'this day in history' so here are the 5th and 6th

This day in history - September 5th 1980 -In Switzerland, the official opening of the longest road tunnel in the world, the 10 mile long St_Gotthard - linking Goschenen to Airolo. Its construction has taken 11 years and cost 690 million Swiss francs.

It's also National Cheese Pizza Day.

This day in history - September 6th 1997 -Millions of people around the world watch live television pictures from London of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales who had died in a car crash in Paris a week earlier.

It's also Read a Book Day.

Oh and a Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Mellissa and Josh. Hope you have a wonderful day :)
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