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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A new me

It's one of those days. I'm sat thinking about what to write but I'm getting no vibes. Don't you just hate those days? I had one yesterday too, and that's so not like me. So anyways, I'll tell you what I've been up to the last couple of days.

Yesterday I had my hair cut cause It really was bugging me. Now I'm not one for sitting in the hairdressers making false conversation just because I've got some woman snipping away at my locks, but yeah I made the effort. She really was quite charming, even went out of her way to book my hubby an appointment for Saturday, even though it was her day off.

The hair cut didn't take that long, about 25 mins total and now instead of long dark hair flowing down my back, I have hair that just touches my shoulders. I'd always wanted dead straight hair so my sister bought me one of those Nicky Clarke ceramic hair straighteners for my birthday this year, and wow! they really do work. This is the first time I've used them and my hair is now uhmm... as flat as a pancake. Love it! so now I want it coloured, copper and blonde tints I think'll do nicely.

Oh yeah, I promised Deb from Pocketlint I'd take some pics of my new kitchen sooo here they are.. :-)

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