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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Like I've got nothing better to do!

This morning I awoke to the buzzing of my mobile phone alarm at 6.30am. Another day of workmen arriving at 7.30am, and another day of staying at home twiddling my thumbs the entire day while the renovations continue. Only thing is, today was a bit different...

I look at the clock, it's 8.00am and still no workmen. 9.00am still no-one. Then at 9.00am whey hey the doorbell rings. The guy doing the tiling has to place 5 tiles just below the cooker hood. He finishes in minutes, then leaves. I can't leave the house cause they'll be back soon to do some other stuff, or so I thought.

The clock strikes 10.00am, no workmen, then 11.00am and still no-one. At 12.30 it's their lunch break, so I know for a fact they won't be coming till after 1.00pm. Around 2.00pm the doorbell rings again, and this time it's the guy who's fitting the kitchen. He measures something quickly, winks at me and leaves. I'm like HUH!

3.00pm, then 4.00pm and wow, the doorbell rings again. It's the electrician, he's come to have a quick look and tells me he'll be back tomorrow to do all the re-wiring. Then 4.30pm, the doorbell rings again, it's the guy fitting the bathroom, he tells me he'll be back tomorrow too to fit the new bathroom..

What the hell!!

What's that saying.. Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today? geeeez


This day in history - September 13th 1956 - Rock 'n Roll legend Little Richard records 'Tutti Frutti' in Los Angeles with cleaned-up lyrics!

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