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Monday, September 19, 2005

Last days of summer

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to make the most of the last few sunny warm days of September. We drove to the little quaint village of Heusden who's foundations date from 1300, also my mom's home town, and spent the afternoon at the jazz festival and walking along the harbour.

Yep, I've gone photo crazy, and posted loads some pics for you to see.

Just before Heusden town center we saw this picturesque stream.

Not sure what this is, but anyway it was an odd shaped building.

Jim and my brother David walking towards the windmill.

This is EMMA, my car.. Hands off! :-P

Some friends we met at the jazz festival with baby Amy :)

Here's that odd shaped building again, different angle.

My brother David being a muppet.

The harbour at Heusden.

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