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Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's all in the mind..

If you read my previous post then you're probably aware that yesterday we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. I suppose it's considered normal to go out for a nice romantic meal, or at least share a bottle of wine cuddled up together, right?

Well, we spent it sat in our one room that we've been sort of living in for the past 2 weeks surrounded by cement, dust and all our belongings while the workmen continued our house renovations. We ate fries for dinner and drank a glass of strawberry flavoured cordial. I bet you're thinking, how on earth can THAT be romantic?

Well it can and it was, and you know why? because we had each other. We both knew what day it was, we don't need all the glamour of eating out etc to prove that we're still very much in love.

That's not an excuse either, like we wish we could have gone out or something. We contemplated going out to our favorite restaurant, and we contemplated booking a room in the same fairytale hotel where we'd spent our wedding night, but instead we chose to stay at home.

Picture the scene. I laid the little table and lit a candle. We both knelt down to eat dinner looking at each other every now and again and smiling. We didn't need to talk that much, the look in our eyes said it all.

You see, we have that 'connection' and only those people that have that will know what I'm talking about. I've never felt it before, not until I met Jim and it's simply amazing. It's like finding a limb that's been lost, or someone handing you that final piece of jigsaw puzzle that you thought never existed. Basically, you find your soulmate and you just 'click'.

Anyway, after eating we watched TV for a while cuddled up in each others arms whilst the thoughts of our wedding day flowed through our minds. How did I know he was thinking the same as me? cause I just did, and I can't explain that either. He'd look at me, smile and hold me closer, and I'd respond by squeezing his hand and whispering that I loved him. Now that was enough for us.. and we loved every minute of it :-)


This day in history - September 8th 1960 - Publishers Penguin Books are charged with public obscenity for publishing D H Lawrence's controversial book - 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'.

It's also International Literacy Day
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