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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Getting cooler

Today was the first day since May that I've worn a sweater. I suppose it didn't help with the front door open all day to allow the workmen access, and the bathroom window open upstairs to help set the floor tiles. I really pity the people over the road, they're having renovations done too starting next week. It's getting colder and without heating it's going to be like living in an igloo (not that I know what living in an igloo is like). Has anyone ever been in an igloo? that would be such a cool thing to do (pun intended).

Jim came home today, he's been away in Germany for 2 days, so I'm kinda walking on air.

We sat and ate Bami (yup, that's it in that picture) together. It's so yummy, especially smothered with half a bottle of chilli sauce. You have to drink a gallon of water afterwards though to dampen the fire in your throat, but it's all good :)

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Yesterday I cut and cleared up the jungle back garden. It took me 3 hours and I felt like an old maid by the time I'd finished, and looked like one too.

It's amazing what you can do when the hubby's away, it's like you get this sudden burst of energy, but that's probably because they get you doing everything for them when they're at home. You go into robot mode, then when they go away you've suddenly got this urge to do something for yourself for once but don't know where to start cause your brain is programmed to help males. Ooops, sorry to my male readers.. not

So yep, I did the garden and it's looking good again, despite our cat enjoying the long grass. :)


This day in history - September 13th 1886 -

Typewriter ribbon is patented by George Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee.

It's also 'Clayton Moore's birthday, born in Chicago in 1914. Psssst if you don't know who he was, it's the one and only Lone Ranger.
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