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Friday, September 16, 2005


You've probably noticed my blogroll over there on the right. It's getting longer and longer as I happen upon more and more interesting blogs that I'd like to link to. Sooo I've decided over the next few days to add icons to the blogs I read on a daily basis and those that I feel I have established a certain rapport with.

If you don't have an icon ~*~ next to your blog link by the end of the weekend, don't be too disheartened, it's nothing personal. The reason is probably any one or more of the following:

1) - I don't feel the lurvee like I do with other bloggers.
2) - Your blog doesn't contain content that I'd normally read.
3) - You are no longer active and haven't been for a few months.
4) - Our blogging relationship is a tad one-sided.
5) - Some other reason which you're probably aware of.

It doesn't mean I'm removing your link immediately, it just means I'm keeping it open for other links that may appeal to me, then I can replace your link with theirs. Or, if you feel you'd like your link removed because you don't have an icon next to your blog name, just let me know :)

Some people display links for the sole purpose of having a link displayed on anothers blog. That's not me. You see, I read and comment on ALL of my blogroll links, and I really am not going to waste my time reading stuff and taking the time to leave comments just for the fun of it.

This has been on my mind for a while now, so there ya go :-)

Other stuff

I was tagged with a COWBELL by PureMood. This means I have to display the image below, oh and I am passing the cowbell onto one of YOU. The person I've chosen will should display this on his/her blog and then pass it on to another.. don't be a wuss, just do it dagnabbit, like I had to LOL

I'm passing it onto... Jenny from On top of The World
Save the image and place on your blog Jenny teehee :)
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