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Monday, September 26, 2005

BlogAdvance - Sign up and claim 50 FREE credits!

Today's post is based on and around BA aka BlogAdvance.

First and foremost BlogAdvance is a blogging community built by bloggers for bloggers. The beauty of it is, they DO listen and they DO act.

Like to see new features?
Have idea's about upcoming projects?
Care to write an article for the new BlogPulp magazine?
Want your site reviewed?
Want free banner advertising?
Want free credits for signing up?

Yep, all these are features of BlogAdvance, and there's sooo much more..

The community forum is getting pretty busy too and there are currently no less than 12 usergroups. There's something for everyone or if you don't see one that interests you, start your own! it's as easy as that. Just contact an admin and whey hey, you can even moderate it.

The thing I like about this particular forum are the thoughtful and helpful responses to posts and I'd say 99% of forum posts are answered, so the thread continues until it's ran it's course. People that post here DO matter and we all try to make members feel welcome, whether it's advice they're after, blog reviews or just general chitchat.

I've seen other blog forums with a few thousand members, but little interaction. Now without the interaction, there is no REAL community, is there?

This month BlogAdvance are giving away an upgraded Deluxe Account worth $45 for 1 year absolutely free to the person with the most referrals during the month of September. Dare I say I'm joint top? help me out here and sign up! lol You can do that by clicking the image below or any of the other BlogAdvance images on my blog.

Hey and in return guys you just MAY get a kiss from my sparkly lips and for the gals, a warm hug :)

Remember, if you join BlogAdvance now, you'll also be in with a chance to win Octobers prizes. You just may get lucky.

There's also a GREAT new feature about to be implemented, but it's hush hush at the moment until it's released.. I've heard whispers and from what I can gather, it's going to be a HUGE hit.

With BlogAdvance you're not JUST a number, they really DO care, so why the hell are you still here? GO sign up! :-))
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