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Thursday, September 15, 2005

20 things about me.

1) - I'm curious about EVERYTHING and should be named Johnny5.
2) - I tend to put other people's feelings first before my own.
3) - I love food. If I'm truthful I'd say it was my hobby.
4) - I like to spend some time alone, to be with my alterego.
5) - I simply love animals, in any shape or form.
6) - I can be moody and quiet at times, for no apparent reason.
7) - I'm affectionate and loving, most of the time.
8) - I hate Mr Bean. Don't ask why, I just DO.
9) - I want a dog, but then I don't.
10) - I DETEST liars and cheats.
11) - I find it hard to trust people.
12) - I can forgive, but never forget.
13) - I'm sensitive and emotional, I cry easily.
14) - I believe real friends matter, but don't ever cross me.
15) - I love my close family, you ROCK!
16) - I once had 7 horses, now I have 3 cats
17) - I drive a red sports car, called EMMA
18) - I want to live forever, is my favourite song.
19) - I wish I had more money, to buy my dream house.
20) - I am happy with my life, because I'm alive.

Tell me just 2 things about yourself :)

Other stuff:

I've decided to drop the 'Events' of the day. No-one really mentions them anymore and to be quite honest, I'm getting bored with doing it :)
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