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Friday, September 30, 2005

Cologne, Germany

Arghh, where does the time go?

I know I said I'd update my blog yesterday, but I just haven't had time. It's now almost 9.00am friday morning and the house is quiet, so I'm updating while I have chance.

If you read my previous post you'll know we went to Cologne, Germany on Wednesday.

We started off at 7.45am and arrived around 11.30am. We had to wait to be unloaded though for an hour or so, so I sat reading magazines whilst hubby went off to talk to the other guys outside.

Cologne is home to the huge Gothic cathedral (Dom). Dating from 1248. I wish we'd have had more time to visit the main city and sample all that Cologne has to offer, but once again this was a business trip, so we were on a tight schedule.

On the way home we decided to stop off to eat, just a quick snack we said. We SAID we were not that hungry. So anyway, we pulled into this little restaurant and ordered one of the cheapest snacks on the menu, 5 euros. Special burger with fries it read. I expected a normal sized burger and a side-dish of fries. Oh ya! My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

The plate was HUMUNGOS. Burger, salad, vegetables, egg, 3 different sauces, and a whopping dish of fries. Well, to cut a long story short, I was bloated, not that I HAD to eat it all right? but such a shame to waste food, and think of those starving people in the third world countries.. yeah so anyway I ate it all :-P

I've never felt so ill in a long time. My stomach was gurgling like a baby, and to tell the truth, I didn't eat a thing until the following afternoon, and then it was just an apple and a yoghurt. Ughhhh

So there you have it, a detailed account of events. Now I'm off to start the day, take my mom shopping and later I'm visiting folk on my blogroll.

Have a nice day!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Quick Post

A REAL quick one. Went to Germany today, I'm so tired I could fall asleep standing up. I swear I was a horse in my previous life muahaaa.

Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow after a good nights sleep and recharge my batteries. Oh and for those that requested a photo of my new hair, I'm feeling really brave. I must be suffering from SDS - (Sleep Deprivation Syndrome).

Still have to have it coloured!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

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Today's post is based on and around BA aka BlogAdvance.

First and foremost BlogAdvance is a blogging community built by bloggers for bloggers. The beauty of it is, they DO listen and they DO act.

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The thing I like about this particular forum are the thoughtful and helpful responses to posts and I'd say 99% of forum posts are answered, so the thread continues until it's ran it's course. People that post here DO matter and we all try to make members feel welcome, whether it's advice they're after, blog reviews or just general chitchat.

I've seen other blog forums with a few thousand members, but little interaction. Now without the interaction, there is no REAL community, is there?

This month BlogAdvance are giving away an upgraded Deluxe Account worth $45 for 1 year absolutely free to the person with the most referrals during the month of September. Dare I say I'm joint top? help me out here and sign up! lol You can do that by clicking the image below or any of the other BlogAdvance images on my blog.

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With BlogAdvance you're not JUST a number, they really DO care, so why the hell are you still here? GO sign up! :-))
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Take a guess

Okay, let's see who can guess what this is. It's something you probably see every day, but displayed here rather oddly. You have 7 days to guess what it is.

Other stuff

It's another photograph day, and pictured below are our furry friends. They all get along really well, considering the circumstances.. We never leave them alone though, just in case the cats may have a sudden urge for a tasty rabbit. Note the box, they prefer to sleep in THAT than the fur lined baskets we bought for them. Oh and a bit of red eye there too. I'm just too tired to sort that out, actually makes it look like a devil bunny lol

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A new me

It's one of those days. I'm sat thinking about what to write but I'm getting no vibes. Don't you just hate those days? I had one yesterday too, and that's so not like me. So anyways, I'll tell you what I've been up to the last couple of days.

Yesterday I had my hair cut cause It really was bugging me. Now I'm not one for sitting in the hairdressers making false conversation just because I've got some woman snipping away at my locks, but yeah I made the effort. She really was quite charming, even went out of her way to book my hubby an appointment for Saturday, even though it was her day off.

The hair cut didn't take that long, about 25 mins total and now instead of long dark hair flowing down my back, I have hair that just touches my shoulders. I'd always wanted dead straight hair so my sister bought me one of those Nicky Clarke ceramic hair straighteners for my birthday this year, and wow! they really do work. This is the first time I've used them and my hair is now uhmm... as flat as a pancake. Love it! so now I want it coloured, copper and blonde tints I think'll do nicely.

Oh yeah, I promised Deb from Pocketlint I'd take some pics of my new kitchen sooo here they are.. :-)

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sad or what

Jim's away in Germany tonight and I'm bored. I've got nothing to post about, other than announcing we got our remote control for the ventilator today. 4 switches, with periods of 10 minutes ranging from slow to super charged. Flick the switch and the ventilator ventilates for 10 mins, flick it twice and it ventilates for 20 mins, and so on..

Anyway, I took a picture of it just cause I'm weird like that. While I was at it, I took a few more of our little housy and what I cooked for my dinner. Enjoy :)

Yup, say hello to Roger the remote.

Part of our living room.

View from the kitchen window, and yeah there's EMMA, my red sports car.

Cooking dinner for one.

The finished omelette.

Now I'm gonna go and watch my soapy.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wanna make some money?

Ok, this is the first time EVER that I have done anything like this in my entire life. I've read the stuff about 'Get Rich Quick' schemes and I never get past the first few sentences. I always think what BULLSHIT!

BUT, that was until now. I'm going to give you a link so you can see for yourself. Just read through it and then take a look at the forum about people that have already been paid, there's even screenshots of their checks.

All I'm asking is when and IF you should sign up, please use my referral link. After you sign up you can use your own referral link for others. Deal?

Did I mention that it won`t cost a penny? ST gives every new member Free $10! It does take longer to get a good income, but it can be done with no money of your own. You do not have to bring anyone in, just operate your own account, but if you did know someone who would like to be a part of this amazing program, you would receive 10% of any upgrades made by them.

When I first heard about this program I thought the same as what you're probably thinking right now. But then my mom joined and she already earns $300 per month and rising. Every month her earnings go up plus I've seen her payout, so I know it works!

Here's an example of how it works:

You earn - 1% of the money in the account level - say you had $1000 you would earn $10 per day, then each month if you didn`t take any money out, $300 would be added, in a 31 day month $310. All you have to do on a $1000 level is autosurf 70 sites per day to get the 1%. And - On $1000 over a period, you can max the account - it will reach $15000 then you can take out $4500 per month for 12 months. On $1000 it will take approx 8 months if the money is compounded, to reach $15000.

Honestly, I have never seen such a great program in my whole life. I'm pretty new to it, but I'm adding a bit more each month, so I earn quicker.. I so hate waiting lol

Remember, use my referral link pretty please :-)
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sleepy Head

That's me, sleepy head. So I thought the workmen had finished, so I was wrong. They arrived at 7.45am (luckily I was awake and dressed) to change all the locks and fit the ventilator in the attic.

I knew they had to do that, just didn't know it would be today. Oh well, I suppose better now than later. They were here till 4.30pm, and cause the doors were all open, it was dang freezing. Jim calls me a wuss, he says I've got no blood in me, I just smile back at him and grrrr through gritted teeth. He's used to working in -2 degree temperatures and still wears just jeans and a T-shirt, now that's NOT normal, right?

Now for other news.

Midnight last night I was on a mosquito mission. The little blighters were everywhere. If any of you read my old blog you'll know I'm allergic to mozzies. If I'm bitten I swell up real bad, and the bite site itches and burns like hell. I swear though, I'm becoming immune. I've been bitten that many times in the last 4 years they leave me well alone, or if i DO get bitten it's not so bad anymore. So anyway, I got out of bed 5 times in 10 minutes, every time I spotted a mozzie. Ok, you're probably having a vision any time now, of me wearing my jammies, fly swatter in hand running round like a blue arsed fly smacking mozzies around my bedroom.. not a pretty sight huh?

You know what, it's strange how writing seems to flow, when I started this post I thought what the hell am I gonna write about. tehee :)

Oh and just before I go, tomorrow the workmen are returning, to deliver, wait for it.. drumroll.. a remote control for the ventilator, sooo when i'm taking a shower I just press the button to start the fan, and whey hey, Bob's ya uncle! muahahaa
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Last days of summer

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to make the most of the last few sunny warm days of September. We drove to the little quaint village of Heusden who's foundations date from 1300, also my mom's home town, and spent the afternoon at the jazz festival and walking along the harbour.

Yep, I've gone photo crazy, and posted loads some pics for you to see.

Just before Heusden town center we saw this picturesque stream.

Not sure what this is, but anyway it was an odd shaped building.

Jim and my brother David walking towards the windmill.

This is EMMA, my car.. Hands off! :-P

Some friends we met at the jazz festival with baby Amy :)

Here's that odd shaped building again, different angle.

My brother David being a muppet.

The harbour at Heusden.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Friday was the last day, we finally have our house back. They have one more thing to do monday morning, and that's painting the bathroom ceiling. I cooked our first meal in our new kitchen today, of course Jims favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese. It was heaven to sit down again and eat with our own knives and forks, and our own plates, ahhhh. I did some washing too, first time in 3 weeks using our own washer.. god what a luxury lol

Jim was stuck in Belgium last night, apparently he'd arrived late due to the company before him dragging their feet, which meant that the guys in Belgium wouldn't unload his truck until 5 hours later. I waited up until about 2.00am then decided to call him. He told me to go to bed, and that he wouldn't be home till at least 3.30am. He'd been out since 7.30am the previous morning, that's like 20 hours work. He is NOT a happy bunny.

2 blonde things I did today - Duh

1) - Just installed our washing machine, fiddled about with the program settings for about half an hour cause it wouldn't work, then I realised I forgot to turn the water back on. muhahaha
2) - Placed the fridge freezer in a different spot, so switched the doors so that it opened from the right instead of the left. Spent a few minutes trying to figure out why the door wouldn't open anymore, and then it clicked that I'd made the switch. lol

Tell me about 2 blonde thing's you've done over the past week :-)
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Friday, September 16, 2005


You've probably noticed my blogroll over there on the right. It's getting longer and longer as I happen upon more and more interesting blogs that I'd like to link to. Sooo I've decided over the next few days to add icons to the blogs I read on a daily basis and those that I feel I have established a certain rapport with.

If you don't have an icon ~*~ next to your blog link by the end of the weekend, don't be too disheartened, it's nothing personal. The reason is probably any one or more of the following:

1) - I don't feel the lurvee like I do with other bloggers.
2) - Your blog doesn't contain content that I'd normally read.
3) - You are no longer active and haven't been for a few months.
4) - Our blogging relationship is a tad one-sided.
5) - Some other reason which you're probably aware of.

It doesn't mean I'm removing your link immediately, it just means I'm keeping it open for other links that may appeal to me, then I can replace your link with theirs. Or, if you feel you'd like your link removed because you don't have an icon next to your blog name, just let me know :)

Some people display links for the sole purpose of having a link displayed on anothers blog. That's not me. You see, I read and comment on ALL of my blogroll links, and I really am not going to waste my time reading stuff and taking the time to leave comments just for the fun of it.

This has been on my mind for a while now, so there ya go :-)

Other stuff

I was tagged with a COWBELL by PureMood. This means I have to display the image below, oh and I am passing the cowbell onto one of YOU. The person I've chosen will should display this on his/her blog and then pass it on to another.. don't be a wuss, just do it dagnabbit, like I had to LOL

I'm passing it onto... Jenny from On top of The World
Save the image and place on your blog Jenny teehee :)
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

20 things about me.

1) - I'm curious about EVERYTHING and should be named Johnny5.
2) - I tend to put other people's feelings first before my own.
3) - I love food. If I'm truthful I'd say it was my hobby.
4) - I like to spend some time alone, to be with my alterego.
5) - I simply love animals, in any shape or form.
6) - I can be moody and quiet at times, for no apparent reason.
7) - I'm affectionate and loving, most of the time.
8) - I hate Mr Bean. Don't ask why, I just DO.
9) - I want a dog, but then I don't.
10) - I DETEST liars and cheats.
11) - I find it hard to trust people.
12) - I can forgive, but never forget.
13) - I'm sensitive and emotional, I cry easily.
14) - I believe real friends matter, but don't ever cross me.
15) - I love my close family, you ROCK!
16) - I once had 7 horses, now I have 3 cats
17) - I drive a red sports car, called EMMA
18) - I want to live forever, is my favourite song.
19) - I wish I had more money, to buy my dream house.
20) - I am happy with my life, because I'm alive.

Tell me just 2 things about yourself :)

Other stuff:

I've decided to drop the 'Events' of the day. No-one really mentions them anymore and to be quite honest, I'm getting bored with doing it :)
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Getting cooler

Today was the first day since May that I've worn a sweater. I suppose it didn't help with the front door open all day to allow the workmen access, and the bathroom window open upstairs to help set the floor tiles. I really pity the people over the road, they're having renovations done too starting next week. It's getting colder and without heating it's going to be like living in an igloo (not that I know what living in an igloo is like). Has anyone ever been in an igloo? that would be such a cool thing to do (pun intended).

Jim came home today, he's been away in Germany for 2 days, so I'm kinda walking on air.

We sat and ate Bami (yup, that's it in that picture) together. It's so yummy, especially smothered with half a bottle of chilli sauce. You have to drink a gallon of water afterwards though to dampen the fire in your throat, but it's all good :)

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Yesterday I cut and cleared up the jungle back garden. It took me 3 hours and I felt like an old maid by the time I'd finished, and looked like one too.

It's amazing what you can do when the hubby's away, it's like you get this sudden burst of energy, but that's probably because they get you doing everything for them when they're at home. You go into robot mode, then when they go away you've suddenly got this urge to do something for yourself for once but don't know where to start cause your brain is programmed to help males. Ooops, sorry to my male readers.. not

So yep, I did the garden and it's looking good again, despite our cat enjoying the long grass. :)


This day in history - September 13th 1886 -

Typewriter ribbon is patented by George Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee.

It's also 'Clayton Moore's birthday, born in Chicago in 1914. Psssst if you don't know who he was, it's the one and only Lone Ranger.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Like I've got nothing better to do!

This morning I awoke to the buzzing of my mobile phone alarm at 6.30am. Another day of workmen arriving at 7.30am, and another day of staying at home twiddling my thumbs the entire day while the renovations continue. Only thing is, today was a bit different...

I look at the clock, it's 8.00am and still no workmen. 9.00am still no-one. Then at 9.00am whey hey the doorbell rings. The guy doing the tiling has to place 5 tiles just below the cooker hood. He finishes in minutes, then leaves. I can't leave the house cause they'll be back soon to do some other stuff, or so I thought.

The clock strikes 10.00am, no workmen, then 11.00am and still no-one. At 12.30 it's their lunch break, so I know for a fact they won't be coming till after 1.00pm. Around 2.00pm the doorbell rings again, and this time it's the guy who's fitting the kitchen. He measures something quickly, winks at me and leaves. I'm like HUH!

3.00pm, then 4.00pm and wow, the doorbell rings again. It's the electrician, he's come to have a quick look and tells me he'll be back tomorrow to do all the re-wiring. Then 4.30pm, the doorbell rings again, it's the guy fitting the bathroom, he tells me he'll be back tomorrow too to fit the new bathroom..

What the hell!!

What's that saying.. Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today? geeeez


This day in history - September 13th 1956 - Rock 'n Roll legend Little Richard records 'Tutti Frutti' in Los Angeles with cleaned-up lyrics!

Today is also:
'Scooby Doo's Birthday'
'Positive Thinking Day'
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Poms or Limeys

Does this header offend you?

The word 'POM' refers to an immigrant from Britain.

I was surfing the web this morning and came across an article about nationality nicknames. The use of the word 'Pom' is considered derogatory. Some may use it to cause offence, but it is also used in other situations as a friendly derogatory term among people who know each other well, if one of them is British and the other Australian.

I'm British and personally names like 'POM' don't offend me at all, used in the right context of course. If it's used to incite a response, motivate an action or cause a reaction of hostility then that's a different matter.

Americans are sometimes called 'Yanks' and that's also considered derogatory. Some Americans absolutely hate it. Now because I know it offends 'some' Americans I never use that term out of respect for the American people, but to me 'Yank' is just a nickname, with no meaning behind it other than an American immigrant.

Here are a few nationality nicknames I came across:

Aussie - Australia
Canuck - Canada
Jap - Japan used around World War II
Chink - China or other East Asian descent (offensive)
Kiwi - New Zealand
Kraut - Germany
Hong Kee - Hongkong (Normally used by Singaporeans)
Limey - England (U.S. usage); Pom or Pommy (Australian usage)
Mac or Jock - Scotland
Pinoy - (or Noypi) Filipino
Scouser - Liverpool
Taff - Wales
Ruskies - Russia
Tex - Texas
Wack - Liverpool
Yank or Yankee - United States

I noticed the Chinese (Chink) had 'offensive' next to it. I can't see how that name is offensive either, but then I'm not Chinese so maybe there's some derogatory meaning behind it.

I'd like to ask you the question, "Are you 'really' offended by a nationality nickname, or doesn't it bother you?" and if you know the meaning behind YOUR nationality nickname, please share :)


This day in history - September 12th 1959 -

The first spacecraft 'Luna 2' from earth to land on another planet. A Russian craft crash-lands on the moon.

It's also 'Chocolate Milkshake' day and 'National Pet Memorial' day.
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Sunday, September 11, 2005

De 80 van de Langstraat

Yesterday evening at 9.00pm European time a few thousand people set off on the 25th 80 km walk, namely the '80 van de Langstraat' (also know as the 'Kennedy March') through the villages and towns of North Brabant, Holland.

The name 'Kennedy March' comes from president Kennedy of the U.S.A. saying a healthy person should be able to walk 50 miles in 20 hours. Yeah right! I can't even walk 2 km.

The walk takes place once a year in September and only three thousand walkers are allowed to attempt it. There are 12 rest stops along the way, and 4 cafe's. Every person that crosses the finish line before 5.00pm today receives a certificate and a bouquet of flowers.

There are no photo's available yet from this years, so the pictures show one of the previous '80 van de Langstraat' walks.

The weather was absolutely atrocious. We'd had storms the night before, and the heavens were not going to let up. Clashes of thunder and lightening strikes lit up the sky, and the rain came down in buckets. Somehow, it didn't seem to dampen people's spirits, everyone continued to enjoy themselves despite the weather.

We drove down to the starting line to catch a glimpse of the idiots participants around 8.30pm. There were party tents everywhere stocked up with beer and snacks. Music blared out as if trying to drown out the storm, and the town was absolutely packed with supporters.

You've heard about bad hair days, well mine looked like I'd been pulled through a hedge backwards! rain drizzled down my eyes, my mascara ran, and my clothes were drenched. Yeah I forgot the umbrella, HA!

So anyway, later we decided to drive around for a while, before going for a snack. We must have drove a 10km radius and in each village there were party tents, people singing and dancing, fires burning, and everyone just enjoying themselves while they waited for the walkers to pass through.

The support was outstanding! I have never seen anything like it before. Kudo's to everyone that took part!


This day in history - September 11th 2001 -
Patriot Day. World Trade Center Remembrance.

In memory of those killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

President Bush has proclaimed September 11, 2001, Patriot Day and said the United States "will not tire, will not falter, and will not fail in fighting for the safety and security of the American people and a world free from terrorism. We will continue to bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to them. This Patriot Day, we hold steady to this task."

It's also 'Make Your Bed day' and 'National Grandparents Day'
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tomorrow never comes..

Tomorrow was going to be just an ordinary day, just like any other day. But on this day four years ago, for some people, today was the last day of their lives. People had plans like any other day. Maybe they'd planned to go shopping, spend time with family, go to school, go to work. For some, all of these were only make-believe. No-one could have predicted what was to come.

"Tomorrow Dad promised me he'd take me to the park after work, he said we'd go for an ice-cream afterwards, he promised me" but Dad never came home...

So many promises were made for tomorrow, so many promises broken.

Take a minute or two to remember those that were here 4 years ago today, 10th September, thinking about what they were going to do tomorrow, because for some, tomorrow never comes...

Other Events

This day in history - September 10th 1981 - The Picasso painting 'Guernica' is returned to Spain after 40 years in the United States of America. Pablo Picasso had refused to allow it to be shown in Spain until the restoration of democracy.

Feel like eating dinner sat in front of the TV tonight? Well now you can, cause It's also T.V. Dinner Day!
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Friday, September 09, 2005

7 Things Meme

Uh oh, I've been tagged again by #28 and being the sweet, considerate, charming young lady that I am, I just couldn't refuse.

At the end of the meme you'll see a list of 7 people, now I've chosen you guys cause I have complete faith in you and I know you won't let me down. I have my tickling stick ready if you do, so beware!

7 things I want to do before I die:

1) Visit Australia
2) Own a Fresian horse
3) Win the lottery
4) Get fit and stay fit
5) Find a successful diet
6) Visit China
7) Get a housekeeper!

7 things I can do:

1) Ride horses
2) Smile with my eyes
3) Listen
4) Keep quiet for long periods
5) Annoy the hell outta people
6) Be sincere
7) Connect with animals

7 things I can't do:

1) Fix the car
2) Watch Star-trek
3) Make someone do something
4) Be a complete bitch
5) Look at other peoples toenails
6) Look at other peoples blood
7) Stop eating candy

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1) Eyes
2) Sense of humour
3) Legs
4) The walk! (got to have THE walk)
5) Arms (nice strong forearms)
6) Hair (dark and short)
7) Height (tall)

7 things I say all the time:

1) You whaa?
2) Eh!
3) Uh huh
4) Yup
5) Damnit
6) Gawd
7) Oh f**k

7 Celebrity crushes:

1) George Clooney
2) Mark Moraghan (Holby City)
3) Enrique iglesias
4) Lorenzo Lamas
5) Ali Campbell (UB40)
6) Leonardo DiCaprio
7) Brad pitt

7 people I tag:

1) Rocco at the material boy
2) Roxi at Taste of Roxi
3) Mrs Lifecruiser at lifecruiser.com
4) Jenny at On Top Of The World
5) Mama Mouse at Mama Mouse's Chatter
6) Martin at Combe Martin Life
7) Sparkling at Champagne Going Down


This day in history - September 9th 1850 - California becomes the 31st State of USA - admitted to the Union as a 'Free State'.

It's also Teddy Bear day, so go ahead and hug your bear! This isn't an official holiday, Teddy doesn't get a day off, he still has to cuddle you and be the lovable bear that he's always been.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's all in the mind..

If you read my previous post then you're probably aware that yesterday we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. I suppose it's considered normal to go out for a nice romantic meal, or at least share a bottle of wine cuddled up together, right?

Well, we spent it sat in our one room that we've been sort of living in for the past 2 weeks surrounded by cement, dust and all our belongings while the workmen continued our house renovations. We ate fries for dinner and drank a glass of strawberry flavoured cordial. I bet you're thinking, how on earth can THAT be romantic?

Well it can and it was, and you know why? because we had each other. We both knew what day it was, we don't need all the glamour of eating out etc to prove that we're still very much in love.

That's not an excuse either, like we wish we could have gone out or something. We contemplated going out to our favorite restaurant, and we contemplated booking a room in the same fairytale hotel where we'd spent our wedding night, but instead we chose to stay at home.

Picture the scene. I laid the little table and lit a candle. We both knelt down to eat dinner looking at each other every now and again and smiling. We didn't need to talk that much, the look in our eyes said it all.

You see, we have that 'connection' and only those people that have that will know what I'm talking about. I've never felt it before, not until I met Jim and it's simply amazing. It's like finding a limb that's been lost, or someone handing you that final piece of jigsaw puzzle that you thought never existed. Basically, you find your soulmate and you just 'click'.

Anyway, after eating we watched TV for a while cuddled up in each others arms whilst the thoughts of our wedding day flowed through our minds. How did I know he was thinking the same as me? cause I just did, and I can't explain that either. He'd look at me, smile and hold me closer, and I'd respond by squeezing his hand and whispering that I loved him. Now that was enough for us.. and we loved every minute of it :-)


This day in history - September 8th 1960 - Publishers Penguin Books are charged with public obscenity for publishing D H Lawrence's controversial book - 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'.

It's also International Literacy Day
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

On a beautiful sunny day last year Jim and I sealed our love for each other and became man and wife. Today we celebrate that special day as our 1st wedding anniversary :-))

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.

Other events

This day in history - September 7th 1920 - The first 'Miss America' beauty contest is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is won by Miss Margaret Gorman.

It's also 'Neither Rain Nor Snow Day'
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No Internet!

Arghhh! We've had no internet for 2 days. I'm so behind with everything, it's going to be hard catching up. Being without an internet connection isn't the end of the world, but geeez I've really missed it lol. The things I used to take for granted like emailing, chatting to family, searching for resources, and just generally having a window open to the world wide web were non existent for 72 hours. That's a LONG time (insert pout here).

Luckily Jim's brother, Fred, came to the rescue. Apparently because the electric was off for a few hours due to renovations, the router re-set itself. It's great having our own computer whizz tech guy in the family! Thanks Fred!

Anyway, more news. My brother and his friend decided to fly over for a visit from the UK. They stopped off at Amsterdam for 2 nights before coming down south to us. Amsterdam is an eyeopener even for folk that have 'seen and done' that. They were amazed at the laid-back way of life, the buildings, the general hustle and bustle of the city, and what they witnessed as 'window shoppers' LOL.

We picked them up from Centraal Station in Amsterdam on sunday morning and before leaving, we went for a stroll into the city. We saw a typical Amsterdam bike taxi and I just can't believe that people actually ride in those things. It's weird to see the guys cycling along with passengers, but I guess it saves on gas and there's zero pollution!

Basically, my brother and his friend LOVED Amsterdam! But then, being in their late 20's and male MAY have something to do with it! If you've never been to Amsterdam you really do need to go and take a peek.

I've missed another day of 'this day in history' so here are the 5th and 6th

This day in history - September 5th 1980 -In Switzerland, the official opening of the longest road tunnel in the world, the 10 mile long St_Gotthard - linking Goschenen to Airolo. Its construction has taken 11 years and cost 690 million Swiss francs.

It's also National Cheese Pizza Day.

This day in history - September 6th 1997 -Millions of people around the world watch live television pictures from London of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales who had died in a car crash in Paris a week earlier.

It's also Read a Book Day.

Oh and a Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Mellissa and Josh. Hope you have a wonderful day :)
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Sunday, September 04, 2005


This day in history - September 3rd 1935 - British speed enthusiast Malcolm Campbell sets a new world land speed record of 301.13mph in his Bluebird car at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, in the United States - the first vehicle to travel more than 300 miles an hour on land.

It's also 'Barkley' the dog's birthday - Sesame Street character.

This day in history - September 4th 1972 -In Munich, American swimmer Mark Spitz becomes the first man to win 7 gold medals at the same Olympic Games.

It's also Father's Day in Australia and New Zealand (first Sunday in September)

Hubby's mom and stepfather's wedding anniversary.

Ha! Mark Spitz.. I remember having a crush on him LOL

Thanks for your replies to my previous post, I'll be visiting you all tomorrow. Only a short post tonight, cause I'm really tired after a long weekend.

Goodnight ZZzzzzzzzz
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Friday, September 02, 2005

Teddy Roosevelt

This day in history - September 2nd 1901 - The day that New Yorks very own Teddy Roosevelt uttered that famous piece of advice, "Speak softly and carry a big stick"

It's also National Blueberry Popsicle day, so get cooking!


These past few days have been hell. The workmen came in on thursday and it's only day 2 of a long 3 weeks. The whole house is just full of dust. Ok, so they put a floor covering down and hung plastic sheets on doorways to keep the dust sealed, but you know what dust is like! It's everywhere.

The bathroom floor is just a layer of concrete, shower has gone, wash basin gone, toilet gone, and the tiles removed. Downstairs in the kitchen most of the tiles have been removed too, and it doesn't even look like a kitchen anymore. We have no water, except for a cold running tap in the downstairs toilet, and luckily the one toilet can still be used. We have no cooker, so we're eating microwaved food.. yuck! We have no shower, so we're having to go over to family for showers and washing clothes etc.

But, you know what! this is nothing, at least we can survive. I compare ourselves to those poor people in and surrounding New Orleans and thank my lucky stars that at least we have a roof over our heads...

On a brighter note, here's a wild flower that I took a piccie of in our back garden :)

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mary had a little lamb..

This month we celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I'd like to do something a little different. For each day this month I've decided to announce just one celebration or event that takes place on this day. On the day of our anniversary I'll announce that too :)

Celebrated today - September 1st 1830
- The day that the popular 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' was published.

Now for something a little spooky.

Follow the instructions carefully and tell me what you see!
Stare at the center of this picture for roughly 20 seconds (try not to blink) Then look away and focus your gaze on a white wall (ceiling works good), then blink a few times and focus. You should see an image appear.. Who is it??

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