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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Worst job ever!

This post carries a warning - DO NOT READ WHILST EATING!

I've just been reading up on the worst jobs ever, and some of them turned my stomach. So now it's your turn to share with us THE worst job you've ever done.

Now c'mon don't be shy, I mean surely they can't be as bad as some of these!

Crime Scene Cleaner - The dead bodies are already gone, so all you’re left with are blood-soaked walls and carpets, brain matter, and the occasional stray eyeball. Ok, the these happy workers actually protect themselves with gloves and appropriate clothing.

Anal Gland Expresser - Pretty good work if you can get it; after all, you get to spend the day with happy dogs, although with your hand up their assholes. Blood and crap have been know to fly across the room during such exams, but for the most part, the worst you’ll get is a severe case of stinky pinky.

Shit Seller - If you’re in need of a large sample of dog shit, look no further. Ranging from $5 to $25 (price depends on size and “softness” of the stool), these bags of shit, dressed up with a bit of grass to make it beautiful, are sold to clients who wish to take revenge on an ex-, send a message to a creep, or just have fun!

Porno Joint Cleaner - Well, someone's got to do it right? This dude’s in Paris, but I imagine it’s a universal struggle to find someone willing and able to scrub jizz, spit, and yes, shit(!) from the walls of peep shows and porno booths. Holding his mop with all the pride of a young soldier in arms, the man in this segment tirelessly cleans what is the secular equivalent of a house of worship.

Ok, now you don't feel so bad telling us yours huh!
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