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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Unreal Tournament 2004

Anyone have this game?


My hubby and my 9 year old nephew have been sat playing it for 5 hours (and counting) and not a murmur from either of them except for "YES" "OMG" YEEHAW" and "OHH"

I think I'm becoming a gaming wifey. I'm going to start a club called 'Help for gaming wives' to fight against husbands and kids that have a love hate relationship with their computer. I'll be rich and then buy myself the fastest computer with a 21 inch monitor and blast the living daylights out of them with my super bazooka. Yeah, that should sort it!

Anyway, until then I'll continue to be the gaming wifey that does the fetching and carrying of drinks and snacks whilst my family continue to shout obscenities at the screen, blasting opponents, and generally turning into gaming freaks..

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