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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Need more Blog Traffic ?

New account sign ups earn 50 Free Credits!

I've just joined a new blog traffic generator called BlogAdvance. Just click the logo above this post for more details. Oh and of course if you go there via that logo I earn referral credits :)

It's pretty new but looks set to be a great, easy to use site with good features. The surfing feature is pretty cool, you can see at a glance your surfing credits earned without having to mouse over or click anything.

More and more people are joining up!

The guys over there are busy building the blogging community and including features such as 'Chat' and a 'Forum' The forum is proving popular and it's a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers. You can have better conversations rather than a few quick lines on a tag-board/shoutbox. You can share tips and information too. A great feature, especially for people that are new to the blogging world!

Remember it's new, so the guys are still busy building and making it look just right, so please bear with them during this process. Why not pop over and take a look and show the guys over there some support :)
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