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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's official

Yup it's official, I'm stressed and here's why..

Friday I start work, and well I'm kinda nervous. I wasn't really expecting the job when it was offered.

There I was, talking about how I'd do this and that, and the next thing I knew she'd offered me a job. So now all I have to do is practice what I preach I guess.

Uhmm ok I know I can do it, but I prefer to do these things when I'm alone so I can concentrate. I guess all will be revealed on friday. I tend to worry about things before they happen. Maybe it's a cancerian thing.

Next week we've got the workmen coming in. Basically they're turning our house upside down. We're having the kitchen retiled, and a new floor laid.

Then we're having the downstairs bathroom retiled and new toilet installed. We are also having the upstairs bathroom totally re-vamped.. tiles, flooring, wash basin, toilet and shower, plus radiator and whatever else.

We're having a new front door and a new back door, and we MAY be having new dormer windows upstairs.

While all of this is going on we've got no water, so we have the use of the house down the road.. hmm I just don't fancy going there to shower, cook, and all the other stuff that you normally do in your daily life. It's just not the same, but I guess we have no choice. Plus, the workmen have told us it'll take at least 3 weeks. That's 3 weeks of me staying at home listening to the banging and sawing and whatever else.. *sigh*

On top of all that, tomorrow I have to go and see a *cough* short-sighted gynaecologist. I'm SO looking forward to that (NOT).

I have visions of me in that room, legs in stirrups, knuckles white, while he takes his tickling stick and tells me "It's ok, relax".. YA RIGHT!

Ughhhhh, I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow.. (insert terrified look here)
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