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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Heusden - River Maas

So what have I been up to the last few days.. well not a lot to be honest.

On thursday my mom and I took my nephew Joe on a boat trip along the River Maas in Holland. We boarded the boat about 1.00pm and the trip took an hour and a quarter. Just our luck, it rained! so we ventured downstairs into the cabin to stay dry. It was beautiful. Polished wood lined the boat and down the far end, a buffet and bar. We'd taken a normal cruise, just 6.00 euros each but soon realised that this boat had a lot more to offer. So next time we're going for the 'Brunch Cruise' :)

Friday was a pretty quiet day. My hubby Jim took Joe with him to work in his truck. Oh I wasn't happy at first cause Jim decided to ask Joe at 11.00pm wednesday evening if he'd like to go with him at 5.00am the following morning! (BAD timing, but he IS male afterall)

Joe was of course, estatic.. he wanted to go. I wasn't so sure. He's only 9 and I was convinced he'd be worn out the next day. Plus it meant me having to go back downstairs (cause I was on my way to bed) to make even more sandwiches.. *sigh*

So anyway, I was wrong, he absolutely loved it and stayed awake the entire 12 hours of the trip, sitting up there with Jim in the cab, peering over the tops of buildings and cars. They get on really well and Joe worships him. He'd go every day if he could.

When they arrived home I noticed Joe's T-shirt was covered in chocolate milk, apparently Jim had hit a bump and didn't realise until it was too late, hence the spillage.. but geeez they were like a couple of kids in fits of giggles. I love the relationship those two have, it makes me smile :)
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