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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Empty your pockets!

I have just emptied the contents of my handbag/purse and oh wow, now I know why I can never find anything. Maybe this is the reason why girls used to dance around their handbags. The contents of our handbags can tell a LOT about who we are and probably contain items that are very dear to us. Hang onto them girls for dear life!

The contents of mine:

My purse
Driving licence
Credit cards
ID card
Passport (we HAVE to carry them with us in Holland)
Hospital card and appointment card
Health insurance cover note
Waterproof plasters/band-aid
An old train ticket
Car details
Zoo leaflet
Post office receipt
Small plastic tape-measure
Medicated dental sticks
My school report from 1977! LOL
Another note-pad
Small bottle of perfume.
Hair bands
2 x 1977 Jubilee souvenier coins
An embroidered cross and poem that I carry with me always

Ok, so tell me just 5 items that are in your handbag/purse right now, and for the guys, your pockets :)
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