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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Efteling Theme Park

If ever you get chance to take a vacation to Holland in Europe, you just have to visit The Efteling (The Land of Elves).

This is the land of Fairy tale forests and enchantment, not forgetting roller coasters and water rides. It's the land of the little 'Laaf Folk' too which no doubt you'll spot as you walk around.

I've been 5 times and every time I visit, it just gets better and better! It's situated near Tilburg in a place called 'Kaatsheuvel' and we're lucky enough to live just 3km from the park.

Here you'll find a great review, well worth a read if you're thinking of visiting.

Inside the Efteling you'll find all sorts of attractions boasting magnificent special effects, some of which are the best I've ever seen. Attractions include Europe's largest swinging ship, Fata Morgana boat ride, Dream Flight, Carnival Festival, Pegasus (coaster), Python (coaster), The Tilting Room, Bird Rok (an indoor coaster ride in the dark), Pagoda, (birds eye view), Panda Vision, *my favourite*. (a save the animal 3D movie with some great special effects!) Hansel and Gretel cottage, Little Red Riding Hood cottage and lots lots more. An absolute fantastic day out for young and old.

Ok so there's me plugging the Efteling, but it's well worth it. We walked around from 11.00am until 8.30pm and still didn't get to see everything. We missed out the Efteling Theatre, The Sprookshow, The Dancing Lillies and Rain Dance. Probably a whole lot more too. We just couldn't walk anymore, our feet felt like lumps of lead. I suppose a 2 day pass would have been better. Oh well, I guess there's always next year :)

Oh and if you don't mind spending a bit more on a hotel, a stay in one of the Efteling Hotel 'Themed Suites' is an absolute must. There are over 16 to choose from. Last year we stayed in the Fata Morgana suite on our wedding night and it was absolute heaven. Rotating bed and whirlpool.. it really was luxurious! There's a Coca Cola Suite, a Hansel and Gretel Suite, the Kings Suite, Circus Suite, Golfers Suite, oh and too many to mention.. check them out for yourself here :)

I took loads of photographs so if you'd like to take a peek, you can see them here
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