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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dentist ughh!

Strange huh, that your brain would guess something wasn't quite right and wake you up in the middle of the night all because a filling the size of a grain of rice falls out and lands on your tongue. That's just weird.. but yep, that's what happened. So now I have to suffer horrible thoughts whilst sat in the dentist chair tomorrow (not a pleasure of mine) while he decides if he can save my tooth or not (as the case may be). I reckon dentists should be paid danger money, cause if he hurts me he better run while he still can.

Anyway, while I was feeling brave I called the doctors too for a much overdue appointment for my 'smear' test. Ughhh, I am so NOT looking forward to being scraped from the inside out, but yeah I know I have to go so i'll just grin and bear it I suppose. Oh I bet the ladies here know exactly what I'm talking about and probably hate it as much as I do.. *mutters ughh the things us women have to put up with*

I still haven't taken pics of the wabbit and piggy but tomorrow I am going to do it for sure, so please check back here for the photographs. Oh and I expect lots of comments too after me going to so much effort (probably getting scratched to pieces in the process) to get the lil blighters photo's. They were so funny earlier today racing around after each other and the piggy was making all sorts of weird noises. In fact I found out today just why people call them piggies for short.. yeah it's ok you can laugh, but cause I've never had a guinea pig, I honestly never knew it made grunting pig noises.

Now I'm going to bed to dwell on tomorrows torture in the dentist chair. Good night!
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