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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

As promised

Ok I have a question. When you visit the dentist, do they automatically give you an aneasthetic to replace a filling in your country? I'm sure they used to when I was living in the UK. Since I've lived in Holland, they always ask if I'd like one and nine times out of ten if they can get away with it, they won't. I've had about 5 fillings now and not once had an aneasthetic, and I haven't felt a thing. It's so much nicer to walk out of the dentists without your mouth feeling like you've done ten rounds with Tyson.

Now as promised, here are the newbie furry friends photo's. Meet 'Toffee' the wabbit and 'Coffee' the piggy, both 8 weeks old. No jokes please about rabbit stew or I'll hunt you down and kick your arse!

Right, I'm off to bed to count rabb... I mean sheep :)
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