A penny for them...

Saturday, July 23, 2005


To those that are wondering.. Nope, my chocolates still haven't arrived. My mood is changing dramatically. I'm perspiring, shivering, feeling dizzy, hallucinating. All the signs are there that I'm on the brink of suffering chocolate withdrawel symptoms. Oh boy..

Other than that we vistited the local garden centre today. It was hubbys moms birthday so we wanted to get her something different. Now most people visiting a garden centre to buy a gift would probably think 'flowers or plants'. We like to be different, so settled for a coffee themed clock and a 3D coffee themed picture. Yes, they really do sell those at the garden centre :)

Oh and while we were at the garden centre, we passed a rabbit hutch and the cutest lil bunny rabbit peered out at us. He was so inquisitive and such a sweetie. I wanted to take him home there and then. I even chose a name for him 'Toffee' Now I'm willing hubby to go back down there and buy him for me, he's already promised to build a hutch, so things are looking good. Mind you, he was the only rabbit in the cage, so knowing my luck, he'll be gone very soon.. But watch this space!

My update so far - NO chocolate and NO bunny wabbit :(
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